2021 Genoa Golf Clubs Women’s Golf Tournament Winners Announced | News from Carson City, Nevada


Twenty-nine members on five flights competed for the 2021 Genoa Lakes Women’s Golf Club Championship title in two rounds played on the Lakes Course in September. Sherrie Millichap won the tournament with a raw score of 167 over two days.

The second place honors went to Gail Taylor who obtained 176 points. The winners of the flights were: 1st flight – Elizabeth Elwell; 2nd flight – Jo Hudson, (2nd), 3rd flight – Barb Wilson; 4th flight – Kory Miller; 5th flight – Jackie Aynesworth.

Sixteen members, aged 70 and over, competed in the inaugural GLLGC Senior Cup tournament on the Lakes Course in October. Jeanne Fadem won the one-day tournament, with a gross score of 88. Second and third places were: Juanita Wells and Jo Hudson (gross), and Wendy Oleson and Jackie Aynesworth (net).

Membership of the Genoa Lakes Ladies’ Golf Club is open to female golfers 18 years of age and over. The 2021 season is over; the 2022 season will begin in April. For more information, contact club president Judith Hanson at 530-318-2710 or email [email protected]

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