A look back at 2021 – Golf industry

In line with other big awards shows, we are presenting the Grainys 2021 in a Zoom call. Feel free to change the background, let your dog bark and open a cold one as we remember another bizarre year of landmark moments, epic hits, and box office flops. Please reactivate your microphone for the 2021 Grainy Awards.

Best Action Feature US Open Championship at Torrey Pines

For the first time in at least the last decade, this championship was rightly about the golf course – its excellent setup and playing conditions. A thrilling final round highlighted the pressure of the National Open, not one. artificial agronomic error. It has certainly helped that a great drama unfolds over the last nine holes, making the 2021 US Open one of the most memorable in years. The only regrettable moment was the late and wrongly timed dispatch of the former USGA CEO’s fighter plane Mike davis. Do we know who approved of this stellar use of taxpayer dollars? Maybe Mike himself?

Best technical effects Gambling

With the explosion of legalized gambling and the totally surprising embrace of the PGA Tour for gaming, the technology used to watch golf is going to need an overhaul. The three-second broadcast delay gives techs and texters on the course enough time to cover their bets before viewers at home watch the putt fall. TV golf will need a close look – or a new watchdog, preferably with sharp teeth – before long.

Lefty’s best remake brings down another major

A victory for the ages… and the elderly. On the famous Ocean Course in Kiawah, Phil mickelson pulled the calendar back and a very competitive field to emerge victorious from the (literal) crowd and win the 2021 PGA Championship and his major sixth. And speaking of Phil …

Best Supporting Actor in two roles at the same time, Phil participates in the Champions Tour

Since taking the Oldies Tour last fall, Phil has won four times, including his first two times as a t-shirt. So he can beat the seniors and he can beat the youngsters. When will he put on the Race to Dubai? Does he think LPGA stands for Lefty Professional Golf Association? Attention, AJGA! And fasten the belt of your broadcast chair, Jim nantz.

Best Visual Effects The Greenkeeper at Royal St. George’s

Paul Larsen, the keeper of the green at Royal St. George’s in the south-east of England, stole the show at the 2021 Open Championship. The course, headdress and loose Converse (“Cons”) were curiosities to see and quickly won him over to the public. You remember Paul. So, quick and don’t cheat: who won the Open Championship?

Animated short film La Bataille des B

The ongoing offscreen and onscreen hubbub Bryson vs. Brooks took on a life of its own and reached a frenzied crescendo just before the fall Ryder Cup. The muscular villain has clashed with the Mad Scientist on multiple occasions with photo bombs, social media punches and Twitter fights. The media certainly ate it and fanned the flames. But did the public care? And did it help or hurt the way each man-child played? Whether real or forced, their handshake at the end of the Ryder Cup couldn’t have happened soon enough.

Worst TERPS Movie Editing Becomes Twerps

The USGA program formerly known as TERP – Turfgrass and Environmental Research Program – has been renamed the Mike Davis Program for Advancing Golf Course Management in honor of the retiring USGA CEO. To advance ? Let’s not forget that Mike “managed” the facilities at Pebble Beach (2010), Merion (2013), Pinehurst (2014), Chambers Bay (2015) and Shinnecock (2018) in a less than stellar way. For my money, the honor should have come at the end Jim Snow, the longtime national director of the USGA Green Section, who was truly a research and environmental champion. Or how about one of the many other researchers, scientists or environmentalists who through tireless turf research have improved our game?

Best Remakes A Star Is Born

Like film editing, golf course restoration is an art. Andrew Green’s The “remakes” of the classics – Inverness Club, Oak Hill Country Club, Congressional Country Club and Scioto Country Club – are sequels worthy of the Grainy Committee’s recognition.

Best upcoming drama Another Tiger’s Return?

After the horrific car crash of February, which left the iconic Tiger woods unable to walk let alone play golf, we have clues as to the progress of his rehabilitation. It would certainly not be the first time that he has been counted to shock and surprise the world of golf. Don’t bet against him (and I’m sure you can get some odds somewhere in Vegas already). We are looking forward to this sequel almost as much as season 3 of “Ted Lasso”.

GCSAA Live-Action Short Takes USGA Down

Hats off to the CEO Rhett evans, President Mark F. Jordan and the board of directors of the GCSAA for having stood up to Darth Vader that is the USGA, which tried to take over the placement of superintendent within the framework of the “services” of the green section. Swift action by the GCSAA mobilized forces and ended this attempted cash grab before it even left the launch pad.

Lifetime Achievement Award The Superintendent of the Golf Course

Because the past year or so has seemed like a lifetime for all of you “non-essential” workers who have kept the courses open, given the hungry public something to do and a place to go, and helped make golf cool. (or at least profitable) yet. All this while continuing to tackle labor shortages, inflation, supply chain problems and national health concerns, and dealing with the endless oversupply of bales and requests from players. “Secondary” actors, indeed. Without your support, golf would have vanished like Rupert Grint.

Tim Moraghan, Director, ASPIRE Golf ([email protected]). Follow Tim’s blog, Golf Course Confidential at www.aspire-golf.com/buzz.html or on Twitter @TimMoraghan.

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