Abergele Golf Club Fund supports health and wellbeing in primary schools

Ysgol Cynfran school student using one of the go-karts

Submitted by Abergele Golf Club

A golf club has set up a fund to help support the health and wellbeing of children in primary schools near Abergele.

Abergele Golf Club has established the Abergele Golf Club Fund for Schools, to financially support local primary schools within a four mile radius.

Traditionally at the club, the Lady Captain, Mr Captain and Junior Captain would have their own separate charities, but in light of a difficult few years for primary schools, the dignitaries have come together to create the super fund.

Public primary schools within a four-mile radius of the club are eligible for funding. Six primary schools have already successfully received the money, two of which are already spending it, meaning children in the area are already benefiting from the initiative.

St Elfod’s in Abergele, Clwyd, have spent their funding on a variety of sports equipment, while Ysgol Cynfran School in Llysfaen, Clwyd, have taken a different route, buying karts and bikes.

Owen Rogers, Director of Cynfran, explains why: “With the implementation of the new curriculum for Wales in September, this collaboration with Abergele Golf Club has allowed us to add additional resources to our school. . We are already a wheel-friendly school. The kids loved those extra wheels!

Ysgol Cynfran school students use go-karts and bikes

“It provides access to more equipment that some families are unable to provide at home. With four acres of land on our school site, we want to maximize the use of any equipment that children may use to stay safe, develop skills and improve their fitness level.

The funds have been raised by the club since December 2021, and Alicia Gozzard, Lady Captain of the Club says it is getting better and better.

“Fundraising has come in all shapes and sizes,” says Alicia, “from the Abergele Christmas float, a sale of ‘almost new’ clothes at the Club or even an ex-serviceman sponsoring part of the golf course. in memory of his regiment.”

Members and non-members come forward enthusiastically to show their support. With a target of over £7,000, the club are already halfway to increasing that figure, meaning the impact of this is already being felt in local primary schools.

If you would like to continue supporting this initiative, please contact Alicia Gozzard at Abergele Golf Club by emailing [email protected]

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