Across from Beaver Brook Golf Course Campground

Published: 08/22/2022 16:15:14

Modified: 08/22/2022 16:11:42

Last week, my neighbors and I were shocked to learn of Beaver Brook Golf Course’s desire to build a 50-site campground in the woods of Haydenville. Imagine the impact of up to 200 additional people in this small area in the spring, summer and fall, many with cars, RVs, generators, off-road vehicles, music, dogs and more.

It would irreversibly alter what we love so much about the Hilltowns – peace and quiet and nature. This proposed campground would significantly increase traffic along Highway 9 and increase demand for municipal services including police, emergency services, sewer, water, electricity and maintenance roads. Noise, light, litter and air pollution from dozens of campsites would alter our human living space and have serious long-term impacts on local wetlands and wildlife.

It’s unusual at best to link a campground to a golf club that serves alcohol and hosts live music. The sports bar and lodge is not a calm atmosphere and some campers would probably bring a party mentality to the surrounding woods. Local media reported on golf course owner Chris Duval’s previous disputes with the city and neighbors; from there, we are unconvinced that the many concerns of our community would be addressed or managed appropriately.

Duval’s previous venture in Williamsburg was in violation of zoning and wetland ordinances, and the city’s zoning appeal board issued a cease and desist order. He argued with neighbors over gunfire on his property, posted incendiary pictures and flags, and intensely clashed with neighbors, all reported in the Gazette and other media.

The DAR offers 51 campsites just a 15 minute drive from us, appropriately surrounded by 1,728 acres of expansive state forest, away from homes and businesses. A Beaver Brook campground on approximately 200 acres is not needed or wanted in Haydenville. We, and many others, will speak against this proposal at the zoning board meeting this Tuesday at 5:30 p.m.

Alexandra Pinschmidt


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