an oceanfront wonder on the Baja Peninsula

A round at the Quivira Golf Club offers incredible ocean views.


As a kid in the late 90s and early 2000s, I grew up playing RollerCoaster Tycoon, a video game that lets you create the coolest, most unique theme parks you could think. There were no limits to your imagination, and it was awesome.

On a recent trip to Cabo San Lucas, I had the chance to play Quivira Golf Cluba Course designed by Nicklaus right next to the Pacific, and it reminded me of childhood play in the best way. (Editor’s Note: Nicklaus Companies and GOLF are both operated by 8AM Golf.)

This course had it all, and I mean everything – breathtaking views of the Pacific, intense drop-offs, perfectly manicured fairways and greens (even at the cliff edge!), thoughtful undulations, and even comfort stations that served tacos and margs every few holes.

Even the non-ocean views are great.

Emilie Haas

This one was supposed to be fun to draw.

Sometimes you’re on a cliff, sometimes you’re on a sand dune, sometimes you’re crossing your fingers, your ball goes over a canyon, and sometimes you’re in the desert. It’s like four tricks in one.

The course is part of a expansive property that has two Resort Pueblo Bonitoseveral residential communities and The St. Regis Resort and Residences the opening is scheduled for October 2023. In fact, Nicklaus and his team will be back this fall to also inaugurate a second golf course.

To get a tee time, you must be a guest of Pueblo Bonito (their two additional properties in downtown Cabo still count) or you must own property in one of Quivira’s communities, and once you get there are, you are ready for a ride.

The photo doesn’t do it justice, but this green almost looked like it fell off the cliff.

Emilie Haas

The driving range is practically on the beach. After warming up, you can grab your first tacos before heading down the valley for the first four holes.

They are quite modest compared to the rest of the course, but still very pleasant. To get to the 5th par-4, you have to follow the long, windy cart path up a cliff and be prepared for what you’re about to see – breathtaking views of the entire property and the ocean. Pacific and a tiny green postage stamp that almost seems to float because it’s so close to the edge.

The 12th hole is above the beach where Brad Pitt filmed Troy.

Emilie Haas

Oh, and definitely grab another taco at the 5th hole toilet block too.

The next two holes follow a path along the edge of the cliff, so the bright blue ocean never leaves your sight. As the course veers away from the cliff, you begin to meander through the dunes, towards the edge of the ocean (looking at the location of the beach scene in Brad Pitt’s Troy), then in the desert. Due to the size of the property, this part of the course is so remote and beautiful, but beware of cacti.

The cactus forest stretched for what seemed like miles.

Emilie Haas

Along this trip, there are even a few opportunities for more comfort food, tacos and margaritas before heading back down to the final stretch of holes in the valley. The 18th finisher once again retreats to the ocean – this time at sea level – to complete your Quivira golf adventure. As they say, you’re on vacation in Cabo, so throughout the round, be sure to take your time, enjoy the views, and soak up the oceanside golf experience (well sure, tacos).

Emilie Haas


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