Angry Birds mini-golf to debut when American Dream reopens

Fans of “Angry Birds” will be able to trade in their slingshot for a golf club next week to aid their avian friends in their eternal battle with the pigs.

The Angry Birds Not So Mini Golf Club will debut at American Dream on October 1, when the Meadowlands mega-mall reopens after being closed for more than six months due to the coronavirus.

The 18-hole course is divided into six groups of three holes, themed around the Finnish-owned “Angry Birds” game and movie franchise. Rovio Entertainment.

Angry Birds started as a mobile game in 2009 and has evolved into several games, licensed and produced in two films – “The Angry Birds Movie” in 2016 and “The Angry Birds Movie 2” in 2019.

The 18-seat mini-golf course will debut on October 1 when the mega-mall reopens. American Dream has been closed since March because of the coronavirus

“As far as the scale of this course goes, there is certainly nothing mini,” said Ville Heijari, CMO at Rovio Entertainment. “We’re thrilled with the level of detail invested in bringing the world of our avian (and pig) friends to life, and we can’t wait to hear what our fans think of the experience.”

Players will see Red, Chuck, and Bomb as well as the pigs. There is a 67 foot Bird Aviation plane, a 20 foot tall model of Bird Island, Pig Island, the Pig Lab and the submarine, Eagle Island and Avian Academy.

The experience begins in the Bird Aviation plane where players are greeted by a host in the cockpit who helps them select their ‘test sphere’ (or ball) and ‘slingshot (or putter)’ and they receive their ‘ assignment ”(scorecard). “

Upon completion of the course, players receive Red’s Footprint to show that they have completed all of the mission’s tasks.

They come out through a retail store with golf balls and Angry Birds themed clothing that is exclusively available at American Dream.

“Nothing excites us more at American Dream than being able to offer our customers completely new and unique experiences,” said Mark Ghermezian, co-CEO of American Dream. “Angry Birds Not So Mini Golf Club is the perfect addition to our one-of-a-kind destination, allowing our guests to ‘fly’ into the world of Angry Birds, an experience they won’t find anywhere else. “

Tickets for the course are on sale now on the American Dream website and costs $ 20 for general admission, $ 17 for military, $ 18 for seniors, and $ 65 for a 4-family pack. (All prices are exclusive of tax). Players reserve a time slot before arriving and are limited to playing in groups of four.

Angry Birds Mini Golf Course at American Dream

The course is divided into six groups of three holes based on the theme of the Angry Birds game and movie franchise.

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