Best set of golf clubs for men

What is the best set of golf clubs for men?

Golf is known as a “gentleman’s game”, but that doesn’t mean you don’t play to win. You always want to be at your best on the course, but your confidence could waver if you don’t have a reliable set of clubs.

A good set of clubs will allow you to develop your skills and stay strong against your opponents. the TaylorMade RBZ SpeedLite Graphite 13-Piece Set, for example, is a solid set for players of any skill level. Its high-quality clubs allow you to generate more speed on your swing and execute shots with precision.

What to know before buying a set of golf clubs for men


Before buying a set of golf clubs for menyou should know the types of clubs included in most of them:

  • Woods: These clubs are intended for hitting long balls and consist of drivers and fairways. Drivers are used from the tee, and although they offer the most distance, they are not as easy to control as fairways, which can also be used from the ground.
  • Irons: The irons have angled faces for hitting precision shots on the ground. They are usually numbered three through nine, with a lower number indicating a shallower angle. Lower numbered irons are for longer distance shots, while higher numbered irons are for accurate, precise shots.
  • Hybrids: Hybrids have the shaft of an iron but the head of a wood, making them easier to hold than woods but offering the same performance.
  • Corner: A wedge is an unnumbered iron and offers the highest trajectory of any club.
  • Putter: This club is intended for short distance ground shots on the green, which is the area where the hole is located.


Most sports equipment adapts or suits people differently depending on several factors, and golf clubs are no different. There is no one size fits all for clubs, so many people get their clubs customized at sporting goods stores. Many sporting goods stores also have driving ranges where you can swing several clubs around to see if they’re right for you.

Competence level

Experienced golfers pay more attention to their clubs, but a half set with six to eight clubs containing just a few irons may suffice if you’re a beginner. However, an inexpensive full set is a good option if you want the flexibility to use more irons if desired.

What to Look for in a Quality Men’s Golf Club Set


The best golf clubs have graphite shafts, which are stronger than standard steel. Although it is more durable, it is also lighter, which makes it easier to control during a swing and to shoot with greater precision.


Almost all golf club sets come with a bag, but some are more durable than others. If you have a lot of golf equipment or personal items, some bags have multiple pockets and compartments to store them safely while you play.


Any club with more than 14 clubs usually comes with headgear. They are used to protect club heads from knocks and scratches that could compromise their integrity and therefore negatively affect your performance on the course.

How much you can expect to spend on a set of men’s golf clubs

You can find a solid starter set for $250 to $750, but a mid-level set for casual and experienced golfers can cost $750 to $1,500. More complete sets can cost up to $2,000.

Men’s Golf Club Set FAQs

How many clubs do I need in a set?

A. If you’re a beginner, you don’t need a set with a wedge or a lower-five iron. Once you are comfortable with the most basic clubs, you can buy more to diversify and refine your game.

Can I compose my own set?

A. Yes, you can purchase clubs individually to create your own set. However, it is much more expensive than buying a set, as many clubs sold individually are designed in advance for elite performance, while sets are primarily aimed at beginners.

What is the best set of golf clubs for men to buy?

Top golf club for men

TaylorMade RBZ SpeedLite Graphite 13-Piece Set

What do you want to know: This is a great set of men’s golf clubs for beginners and serious players who want an edge over their opponents on the course.

What you will love: The woods are sturdy titanium but are lightweight and aerodynamic, so you generate more speed during your swing. The irons and wedge are durable and are advanced designed to allow more room for error on swings.

What you should consider: Some find the material of the bag too thin. In addition, the bag does not stand up.

Or buy: Sold by Dick Sporting Goods

Best men’s golf club for the money

Strata Mens 2019 Ultimate 16 Piece Complete Set

Strata Men’s 2019 Ultimate 16 Piece Complete Set

What do you want to know: This set includes high quality clubs and headgear. It’s a great deal for golfers of all skill levels.

What you will love: You’ll get a titanium driver, a forgiving 3-wood, and several hybrids to hit tough shots with more precision and power. The irons use advanced technology to deliver superior control and more distance.

What you should consider: Most users report that the driver is not as durable as other clubs.

Or buy: Sold by Dick Sporting Goods

Worth checking out

Top Flite 2020 XL Graphite 13-Piece Complete Set

Top Flite 2020 XL Graphite 13-Piece Complete Set

What do you want to know: It’s not as full-featured or durable as some other sets, but you won’t find better clubs for casual play.

What you will love: This set comes with a titanium composite driver, a low-profile 3 wood for straighter shots, and a few hybrids for high accuracy and superior performance. The stand bag has several pockets and compartments to store your personal belongings on the course.

What you should consider: More experienced golfers might find that they do not provide a significant improvement in swing control.

Or buy: Sold by Dick Sporting Goods

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