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Gone are the days when social media was used to connect with friends and loved ones from a distance. It’s still used for that. But Gen Z has successfully harnessed the endless possibilities that social media offers and, in turn, changed the way brands, businesses, and people interact with each other.

In fact, for some, social media is their job. Influencers and brand reps get paid to use social media while others use it to find jobs, read the news, learn new hobbies, or just have fun. So whether the “older generation” wants to admit it or not, apps aren’t going away. It is more important than ever to know and learn how to interact with younger generations via social media to develop your brand, whether personally or professionally.

Where should you even go to experience a professional connection or interaction with Gen Z? Well, virtually anywhere online. But it’s important to strategize and know your audience.

LinkedIn is the first platform you think of most when you hear “professional interaction”. It’s popular in the way it finds jobs and connects with employers. It’s kind of an unspoken rule that you behave your best while using this app and do your best. Connecting via LinkedIn might not be the most popular or authentic way to connect with Gen Z, but you’ll be taken the most seriously here.

Twitter is another option, albeit a bit more tricky as the tone can be quite varied throughout the app. Many members of the younger generation use Twitter as a platform for sharing information and opinions. You’ll probably get a better idea of ​​what they really believe and value here. On the other hand, many people don’t consciously use Twitter professionally. Therefore, you might find their pages unprofessional and without a specific purpose.

Facebook is probably the social media platform that most people are familiar and comfortable with. However, when trying to connect with Gen Z, there are better platforms, like TikTok. Sure, there are plenty of useless and silly videos on the app, but 60% of TikTok users are Gen Z, according to data collected by Wallaroo Media. If you log in with the right ones, the new social networking app can prove to be the most profitable.

If you’re having trouble connecting or identifying with the younger generation, try changing your strategy. Maybe you took Twitter too seriously, or maybe you neglected TikTok. Anyway, you have already passed the first step: wanting to connect!

Cassidy Gladieux is a Kent State University senior participating in the Golf Course Industry Internship Program.

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