The Burnham & Berrow Golf Club has become the latest signatory of the R & A’s Women in Golf charter.

The progressive club is committed to boosting the participation of women and girls and encouraging more women to pursue careers in the golf industry.

In accordance with the founding principles of the Charter, Burnham & Berrow Golf Club will continue to make progress to further develop a welcoming and inspiring environment for all the women and girls of the Club.

As a signatory, Burnham & Berrow Golf Club claims to have made several firm commitments, including:

  1. Implement at least two initiatives each year targeting women / girls
  2. Promote a membership path for women / girls to progress within the Club
  3. Have designated mentors / buddies within the club who can help and support new participants and members
  4. Achieve and maintain 30% representation on the board of directors
  5. Maintaining the Club’s status as a SafeGolf Accredited Club
  6. Appoint a designated charter champion within the club who can help promote and communicate the charter

The club also says it has plans in place to measure the success of each engagement as well as having set deadlines for each engagement.

The Burnham & Berrow Golf Club has received the full support and backing of England Golf, the governing body of amateur gaming in the country.

England Golf will provide assistance through its network of club support agents to enable the club to develop and expand its policy in the months and years to come.

The Burnham & Berrow Golf Club has also appointed a Chartered Champion, Alysia Rees, to help coordinate the development of the plan to increase the number of women and girls involved in golf.

Alysia has been a member of the club for 4 years and is delighted to lead the Women in Golf Charter campaign. Alysia is a former Ladies County Captain and a former Weston Golf Club captain.

Alysia says, “Burnham and Berrow continue to strive to improve their courses. Now is the time to look at initiatives to improve integration within the Club and encourage more women and girls to play golf. The Charter made this possible.

The support of the board of directors has been unanimous and the club intends to use it as a springboard to encourage women and girls of all ages to be an integral part of the local golf community.

The short term goals are to review our junior development plan and support our Pro and Junior organizer. To continue to support our Female Pro and its Love.Golf groups.

The average goals are to set up a buddy system with the help of the England Golf workshops.

The long-term goals are to review and update the Charter commitments in the future. Improve our facilities for juniors, in order to contribute to the development of an academy ”

The Women in Golf Charter was introduced in 2018 by the R&A with the full support of England Golf. In October 2020, the initiative received new impetus with the launch of the #FOREeveryone campaign.

The campaign begins with the distribution of a toolkit, designed to provide advice on operational improvement and marketing to help attract more women and girls to sport.

The Burnham & Berrow Golf Club now says it is ready to actively contribute to commitments that can change the culture of golf for the benefit of all who practice and love the sport.

Further details on the Women in Golf Charter and how other clubs and counties can become signatories can be found on the England Golf website.

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