CardsSafe – protection of golf course assets; Lock in old prices today!

For nearly 20 years, CardsSafe has helped golf courses, clubs, restaurants and bars securely store their customers’ bank and ID cards while they run a tab or try out a product or service. .

Its wireless technology has revolutionized the way the leisure and hospitality industries handle guest obligations. CardsSafe is trusted by over 5,000 businesses in the UK, including golf centers nationwide fox hills, Silvermere, The London Golf Club and Redlibbets, and brands such as Hilton Hotels, Young’s pubs and Lord’s.

With CardsSafe, golf courses can securely store bank and ID cards, providing the ability to sell in the clubhouse and protect rental equipment from ‘loss’.

Wireless technology makes it easier to hire customers and staff can act quickly if equipment needs to be repaired or replaced. CardsSafe also allows the team to offer bar tabs to its customers to help them with their food and drink deals.

“CardsSafe has been a welcome addition to London Golf Club. We use the system in our golf shop and spike bar and on the course with our drinks cart. With CardsSafe we ​​can securely store clients’ cards during that they are enjoying their round of golf.”

Grant Rumbelow, Restaurant Operations Manager.

Until January 2023, CardsSafe unit rentals will remain at just £9.95 per month.

Since introducing rental contracts in 2008, CardsSafe has kept its prices as low as possible at just under ten per month, which has never increased. However, he foresees an increase in January 2023.

The good news is that existing customers will continue to benefit from their low prices. So if you’re considering CardsSafe for your golf course, you can lock in prices at just £9.95 per month (per unit) for the duration of the contract. CardsSafe practically pays for itself.

Using CardsSafe has many advantages:

  • Customer tab management
  • Contribute to increase expenses, therefore profits
  • It is an important deterrent to tripping and misplacement of equipment
  • Offers protection against credit card fraud – helps build trust!
  • It pays for itself by reducing chargebacks and walkouts
  • Wireless – no data capture required to use
  • Customers can be sure that their bank cards are kept safe

“CardsSafe has allowed us to securely store customer cards while they test out equipment on the driving range. We can trust CardsSafe and effectively replace all lost components. »

Dani, Director of Silvermere Golf.

The question is, can you afford not to have CardsSafe as part of your business?

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