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Changes are underway for the Church Hill Road golf course in Peters Township.

Under new ownership and renamed 1781 Club, celebrating the year the township was founded, the property will feature an expanded clubhouse with an addition of 6,600 square feet.

The golf course as shown in mid-December

“We basically just keep the existing structure and just build it,” said Barb Raymore, club director of membership and services. “So the same living room downstairs will be bigger and offer outdoor seating with a fireplace. “

Plans include opening a restaurant, the Farmer’s Dining Room, with a focus on locally sourced foods and related products. In addition to public golf, membership packages with varying levels of amenities, including preferred tee times and dining options, will be offered.

Calling the club “family friendly,” Raymore said the aim is to continue to provide opportunities for more people to play golf – women and young people are target markets – while preserving the golf course. which the course is located.

Known as the Scenic Valley Golf Club since its construction about two decades ago, the course changed ownership in November, the same month the Peters Township Planning Commission approved the request for a revised site plan that addresses mainly from the expansion of the clubhouse.

Earlier, the township’s zoning hearing panel voted against a request for a private recreation facility, scotching plans for a swimming pool, pickleball courts and additional maintenance facilities.

At the planning committee meeting on November 11, the township’s deputy planning director Seth Koons said the addition of the lodge would extend towards the golf course, and no longer close to adjacent properties.

“We will work with the applicant to establish not a new buffer zone between the golf course and these residential properties, but a quality buffer zone which is complemented by its existing conditions,” he said.

This includes a pair of Cobblestone Circle homes near the golf course fairway.

“These two properties have no landscape buffers, either. So we would like to see that increase a bit, ”Koons said.

His department consulted with Township Traffic Engineer Michael Mudry regarding parking at the site.

“The traffic need for the golf course at its peak hour, which is around 1 or 2 p.m., does not really conflict with the restaurant / club’s peak parking need. house during the evening hours, ”Koons said. “Thus, the number of parking spaces provided by the applicant is deemed sufficient by the municipal engineer.

Township lawyer John Smith was consulted on the revised site plan approval process.

“He agreed that they had the right to do this building extension and minor site reconfiguration within the limits of this existing special exception approval,” Koons said. “This would not require further review by the township zoning hearing board.”

West clubhouse

Rendering of the west side of the enlarged pavilion.

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