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Oakdale Golf Club manager in Yorkshire talks about handling a significant increase in membership over the past two years, dealing with staff self-isolation and why his club manages an innovative membership program.

Jacques Thomas

Can you tell us a bit about Oakdale Golf Club?

The Oakdale Golf Club enjoys an enviable position close to the center of Harrogate, next to the wealthy ‘Duchy Estate’. Set amidst a tranquil and picturesque environment, this is the only 18 hole golf course located within the city limits, but it is famous for its rural atmosphere and peaceful position. It was designed by world renowned golf course architect Dr Alister MacKenzie in 1914; the course has two nine hole loops with a par 71. We have a team of 50 people whose dedication to the club is second to none.

Oakdale clubhouse and putting green

What have been your experiences and those of the club since the start of the pandemic and until today?

We have resisted Covid very well as a company. We minimized our staffing structure during the pandemic and took advantage of the government’s leave plan. We received support from our bankers and our local authority, who both eased the pressure and allowed us to navigate our way through Covid smoothly.

From a personal perspective, our second daughter was born in the middle of the pandemic. We have reduced our social commitments to a minimum; Also, we were undergoing major renovations to our property so we have certainly been on our toes throughout!

Oakdale has a unique membership structure; can you tell us more?

Over the years, we have introduced different categories of members in order to support our recruitment. The result of this approach was that Oakdale had a plethora of different membership options that were inconsistent with our pricing strategy and corporate values. We made the decision to reduce our membership categories from 28 to five, essentially offering only “full” membership plus the usual social, national, honorary and junior categories.

We have seen a steady decline in the number of full members over the past 10 years, as the cost has gone up north, the total number of full members has gone south. In order to bring this line closer we have reduced the full membership from £ 1,200 to £ 700 plus £ 5 per round. With the help of a firm of digital marketing strategists, members received a fantastic response from the market, pushing close to 30 new members four weeks after launch. This innovative and different approach to golf club membership allows each member to pay proportionately for its use and creates more of a “club” feeling around Oakdale because everyone is on an equal footing.

Oakdale 7th hole

What do you think are the biggest challenges in running Oakdale today?

Capacity management. Our innovative membership structure has attracted over 200 new full members over the past two years. Access to the tee is about to become a real problem. We had to overcome this problem by reducing the time between flights, encouraging tee-sharing and placing restrictions on the number of visitors. Two years ago, golf was a declining market, competing not only with other sports but also other hobbies such as computer games. The world is a different place now and golf has undoubtedly benefited from government blockades and those on leave. Our challenge now is to keep these members engaged with the club in perpetuity, using all necessary retention tools.

In addition to capacity management, staff who are asked to self-isolate either through the NHS app or directly through NHS Track and Trace has proven to be extremely problematic for us. We have scheduled events with over 200 attendees, with 24 hours notice, over 50% of our staff could not work. Crisis management was crucial and we had to react effectively.

You’ve been in the golf industry for over a decade now, how do you think that – and the role of the golf club manager – has changed during this time?

Looking back a decade, the role of golf club manager was much simpler. Before the pandemic, the model of a golf club had become different as other sources of income had to be explored and exploited to compensate for declining members’ income. Oakdale achieved this goal by integrating the catering operation in-house and achieving a turnover of almost £ 500,000 per year.

You’ve gone from professional golf assistant to club manager. How did it happen?

I never considered working in the professional side of golf. My skills have always been in business management and leadership. I love managing people and budgets, so managing golf clubs was a natural progression. My previous management experience at Rudding Park helped me make the transition in 2015/16.

When my predecessor left, I saw an opportunity to give Oakdale a strong direction for the future. I presented a proposal to the board of directors which set out a four-phase 10-year plan, listing each step of the way. Two interviews later, I was offered the job of managing director.

What skills transferable to golf club management do you think a PGA Professional typically has?

A PGA Professional at the end of his professional golf course should be strategic in everything he tackles, from delivering a golf lesson to buying stocks for the coming year. Taking this approach with the management of golf clubs is essential. As the role is so large and incorporates a variety of challenges, each task should be well thought out, evaluated and then executed according to the business plan.

You studied professional golf at the University of Birmingham. What did the course involve and how did it help you?

The course was spread over three years and covered four areas: business management, golf training, sports science, and custom fit and repair. After studying each module in depth and passing numerous exams in each area, it helped me identify the direction in which I wanted to steer my career. Being a PGA Professional allows me to approach golf across both ends of the spectrum (amateur and professional). I understand exactly what a PGA Professional needs to do to be successful and what a golf club requires from a PGA Professional in order to stay relevant in the market and be attractive to new members.

Your clubhouse is big and impressive! Do you have many functions and have you invested in the catering offer in recent years? And can you tell us about the tribute acts that the club sometimes offers?

In February 2017 we invested £ 250,000 in modernizing the clubhouse and its facilities. The aim was to increase the use of the clubhouse and in turn increase food and beverage sales. Before Covid, many functions took place throughout the year, ranging from “Tina Turner” to the Gambia vs India curry night! As we all know, investments take time to settle and grow and a long-term view resulted in our food and beverage revenue growth of 43% for 2019.

Oakdale Professional Shop

How does Oakdale fit in with its local community?

We try to be a good corporate citizen and a member of the local community. We organize various events throughout the year where members can invite their friends and guests. We are keen on having good green credentials and ensure this is taken into account when exploring any business case.

How do you communicate with existing members?

Finding the balance between giving members enough information or too much information is a fine line. We communicate through various media platforms, email, website, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Each mode of communication targets a different sector of the market. It is important to maintain a constant channel of communication in order to keep members up to date with developments within the club and to inform visitors / members of the public about what Oakdale has to offer. Our golf club is constantly evolving and a clear and concise communication strategy is essential to its success.

What is the club’s approach to customer service?

It is of the utmost importance to us. We strive for and provide first class customer service. To do this, we establish procedures to be followed for each department, which translates into a consistently positive experience for our members and guests. We follow the mantra “every visit to Oakdale makes you want to come back”.

How do you stay up to date with the latest golf industry news?

I have read almost every publication on golf; I am a member of three golf associations (PGA, GCMA and Golf Club Secretary). I love to research different trends in golf and think about how they could be applied in Oakdale to improve the experience for our members and their guests.

Yorkshire has a number of leading golf clubs. Have you ever found yourself competing with other Yorkshire golf club managers?

We are still in competition with other clubs. The market is tough and there is so much competition in the Harrogate area; however, swimming upstream certainly helped us get a head start. Our revolutionary membership structure has made golf in Oakdale more accessible than at other clubs. We are a very inclusive club with a unique membership offer, our social scene is vibrant and these elements have allowed us to increase our number of full members to over 200 over the past two years.

What are your forecasts for the golf industry over the next few years?

It depends partly on the governing bodies that influence the golf industry and partly on the golf clubs themselves. The PGA must work to produce better quality professionals who can specialize in certain areas. This would help golf clubs recruit the right person for their business plan and help retain and recruit members. BIGGA should orient recruitment towards an apprenticeship program. As a company, we have had a lot of trouble recruiting green staff despite remunerations above market rates. I am sure we are not alone.

If access to apprentice greenkeepers improved, the golf industry would be able to give members (customers) what they want – it will encourage them to stay and we should have healthier clubs financially. England Golf and The R&A need to think about what the industry will look like in 10 to 15 years. I don’t know all the answers, but I can envision shorter games, fewer holes, a more relaxed dress code, and improved technology. The rules must anticipate and reflect these changes.

Ultimately, the golf industry now has the opportunity offered by Covid to build for the future. Every club should strive to give its members what they want, creating a welcoming and inclusive environment, and then everything else should fall into place.

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Details of rare Bronze Age casket found in golf course pond revealed Sun, 19 Sep 2021 08:00:30 +0000

Size of a telephone booth, coffin believed to be 4000 years old and includes an ax well preserved among the remains. The coffin containing the remains of a man and a perfectly preserved ax, were found by chance during work at the golf course of Tetney.

The coffin containing the remains of a man and a perfectly preserved ax, were found by chance during work at the golf course of Tetney. Photography: Charlotte Graham

Golfers always try to avoid everything from bunkers, rough and water to other players’ putting lines. In Lincolnshire, the danger was almost an incredibly rare Bronze Age casket the size of a telephone booth.

Historic England revealed details of a remarkable find on Friday as work was underway on a golf pond in July 2018, in warm weather.

The log coffin, which is about 3 meters long by 1 meter, is said to be 4000 years old. Inside are the remains of a man, who was buried with an ax.

Archaeologists have established that the coffin was made by hollowing out an oak trunk. Plants were then used to cushion the body, and a mound of gravel was raised above the grave – practices that were only granted to people of high status in Bronze Age society.

Once the coffin was exposed, there was a race to prevent its rapid deterioration. Fortunately, there were archaeologists in the area.

Dr Hugh Wilmott, Senior Lecturer in European Historical Archeology at the University of Sheffield, said: “Fortunately, when the burial was found, myself and a team of staff and students from the Department of archeology were working on a nearby research and training dig.

“It has been a brilliant learning experience for our students to see what can be achieved in the short term and I am very happy that we were able to help.”

The ax is an extremely rare find, especially because its wooden handle survives as well as its stone head. Photography: Charlotte Graham

The ax is an extremely rare find, especially because its wooden handle survives as well as its stone head. This is just one of 12 known finds in Britain and archaeologists believe it was more of a symbol of authority than a practical tool.

The coffin is one of about 65 known in Great Britain. After a year in cold storage, it was transferred to the York Archaeological Trust, where it continues to undergo preservation work.

Ian Panter, conservation officer at the trust, said his team had expertise in conserving waterlogged finds: “We hope to preserve the ax within 12 months but the coffin, due to its size, will take at least two years to be fully treated. “

Once this operation is completed, the coffin will be transferred to the Collection Museum in Lincoln.

Lindsey Cawrey, executive advisor for culture at Lincolnshire County Council, said it was “such an exciting find” for the county and that she looked forward to seeing it in the museum’s collection.

She added, “The preservation of the ax and handle, and the coffin antlers, is amazing, and we look forward to being able to share the story of the discovery and the results of scientific analysis, with researchers and scientists. visitors to the museum when the finds are held and ready to be sent to Lincoln. We will be able to provide access to these important discoveries to future generations. “

The work to preserve the coffin, to prevent it from collapsing after being exposed to sun and air, was supported by nearly £ 70,000 in grants from Historic England.

The coffin was discovered at Tetney Golf Club near Grimsby. Club owner Mark Casswell said his family farmed there for years before opening the golf course.

“I never imagined there was a whole other world buried under the fields,” he said. “It’s amazing how well preserved the ax is with its handle still there like it was made yesterday. We’ll have a nice photo of it on the wall of the clubhouse.”

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Men’s Golf Set for River Run Collegiate Sat, 18 Sep 2021 19:32:26 +0000

NORFOLK, Virginia – The Old Dominion Men’s Golf Team continues its fall season this Monday and Tuesday with River Run Collegiate, hosted by Davidson. The Monarchs will play 36 holes Monday and 18 Tuesday at the River Run Country Club. The live score is available on Golfstat.

ODU is part of a group of 15 teams that includes Charlotte and Marshall, members of Conference USA. River Run CC is a 7,317 yard par 72 track.

Old Dominion started its fall season last week at the VCU Shootout. The Monarchs finished fifth as a team and saw Philippe Wetterqvist clinched the first top five of his career with a score of 7 under par of 209. Wetterqvist shot a 66 (-6) in the second round to move from a tie 28th to fourth and followed with a 71 in the final round to claim a share of fifth place.

The lesson

River Run Country Club
normal: 72
Yardage: 7 317

ODU range
Philippe Wetterqvist
Gustave Fransson
Rasmus Konradsson
Jakob henriksson
Kazuki Yamauchi

Tournament ground

Cleveland State
Davidson (A and B)
Georges mason
George washington
Former Domination
Guillaume and Marie

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Waiguru calls on investors to participate in the creation of a golf course Sat, 18 Sep 2021 15:42:38 +0000

Governor Anne Waiguru called on professionals and investors in Kirinyaga to consider investing in the creation of the proposed golf course in the county.

Speaking at the annual Kirinyaga (Abai) County -2021 Golf Day held on Saturday at the Thika Greens Golf Resort in Murang’a County, the governor said the time for Kirinyaga to have a golf course has come because there are suitable and available courses set aside. for.

Waiguru called the tournament, which was jointly sponsored by the Kirinyaga County Government, Kirinyaga County Golfers and the Kirinyaga Rotary Club, among others, a huge success having attracted 250 professional golfers and over 100 other stakeholders. interested in investing in the project.

She said the event was also an opportunity for the county government to publicize the proposed golf course project among other projects and programs that the county government has implemented towards the realization of the plan. The Mountain Cities 2032 County Development Plan, which is being implemented by various departments.

The proposed golf course is expected to be established on the 250-acre Thigirici land which will also house a sports academy, gymnasium, tennis court, swimming pool, conference rooms as well as an industrial park. The land, which is located in Sagana, was returned to the county after a lengthy legal battle between the county government and a private developer who had been illegally allocated the land.

The governor noted that the land, which is adjacent to the train station, is suitable for a golf course as it has favorable hilly terrain, is close to the Sagana River and is easily accessible via the next Kenol-Makutano- Sagana-Marua. pavement.

She stressed that golf and other sports activities as well as other establishments in the territory will lead to the socio-economic development of the county and will also lead to the appreciation of the land value in the region, for the benefit of the inhabitants.

“The golf course is an important development milestone as it will be the first in the county and therefore will be very marketable,” said the governor, adding that all neighboring counties have golf courses except Kirinyaga, which is now catching up.

During the event, the Governor appealed to the population of Kirinyaga to support the project through professional expertise as well as financial and material contributions. She noted that the golf course will be managed by a council made up of elected officers and members of the county public, with the county government being the boss.

The governor said that through her people-centered government, she has led programs and projects that will have a lasting impact on present and future generations.

She listed many programs and projects that her government has carried out in various development sectors over the past four years. The largest of its heritage projects is the Kerugoya Hospital Medical Complex, which will upgrade Kerugoya Hospital from a level four to a level five hospital, offering high-end medical services for which residents are currently referred to other hospitals.

The 342-bed capacity hospital which is in its final stages of completion will include an intensive care unit, an intensive care unit, a cancer center, a major burn unit and surgical departments, among others. amenities.

Governor Waiguru also presented other projects such as markets, cabro urban development projects and the “Wezesha Kirinyaga” program in which more than 300 farmer groups have been funded to undertake various agricultural value chain projects aiming to increase household income among farmers.

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Abu Dhabi Golf Club flies high in wildlife protection Sat, 18 Sep 2021 08:05:49 +0000

An official report has been released detailing all bird sightings since August 2020 during regular monthly visits to Abu Dhabi Golf Club and surrounding areas.

A total of 169 bird species have been recorded and recorded at the complex in this report covering the period August 2020 to June 2021. Six of the species spotted are of conservation concern.

Particular mention was made of the Socotra cormorant, classified as “vulnerable” and the Eurasian duck, the bar-tailed godwit, the black-tailed godwit, the curlew sandpiper and the Alexandrian parakeet, which appear on the “quasi” list. threatened ”.

Others of interest that have been spotted and that may be rare in the UAE, either seasonally or at any time of the year, include the flamingo, the little swift, the hen of water, black-necked grebe, Pacific golden plover, Eurasian curlew, pallas gull, whiskered tern, shikra, Indian roll, common kestrel, wheat bunting and pink starling.

Andrea Faldella, club operations manager at Abu Dhabi Golf Club, said: “We are very grateful to Oscar Campbell and Simon Lloyd for compiling these reports and coordinating and recording all of these bird species sightings. . It is a responsibility for all of us at Abu Dhabi Golf Club to enjoy nature in and around our golf course and to have a culture of working alongside nature. This is just one part of our Abu Dhabi Golf Club that we are working on as we strive for official certification, recognized and recognized by the golf and sports industry as well as all Abu Dhabi government authorities. We are delighted and proud to see that in the last year or so there has been an increase of seven new bird species on the list and we are informed by Oscar and Simon that this number is likely to increase with time, albeit at a slow pace.

All bird sightings are identified, counted and all records are submitted to the UAE Bird Database alongside other similar sighting reports which are all linked to the eBird Global Database.

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EP Park will add a disc golf course | News, Sports, Jobs Sat, 18 Sep 2021 04:36:05 +0000

PALESTINE EAST – Village manager Mark McTrustry announced this week that a disc golf course will be set up throughout the city park after recently meeting with a course designer.

McTrustry worked with the park board of directors and Youngstown State Director for the Office of Career and Education Advisors, Justin Edwards, to plan the course. Edwards is involved with the Mahoning Valley Disc Golf Association.

“This park is truly in many ways one of the most optimal terrain on which I have had the opportunity to design”, Edwards said. “It will be a great mix of using the beautiful space, but there will also be some great challenges on the course.”

The water, slopes and hills of the park have benefited the disc golf course. Edwards believes the course has the potential to attract competitive groups, summer camps, and tourists.

“He said he would like it to be tough enough for the league games, but not so hard that it scares the average player,” he said. McTrustry said.

The disc golf course will start near the entrance to the park and consist of 18 holes along the outer edge of the park so that other park activities run smoothly.

Edwards considers disc golf to be a financially accessible sport that is not very accessible. “You can start by knowing how to throw a Frisbee”, Edwards said.

The Mahoning Valley Disc Golf League focuses on working with communities, designing courses and teaching youth, and building leagues and tournaments.

The Youngstown Disc Golf Club is another regional group that focuses more on competition.

Edwards recommends that those with an increased interest in disc golf connect with local groups and use resources such as “Start with putters, start with slower, easier to throw discs” Edwards suggested.

McTrustry hopes to increase recreational opportunities in the area.

“We would like to offer one more thing for people to come to Eastern Palestine and take advantage of what we have”, McTrustry said.

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Gakji Shipi: We want TY Buratai Golf Club to be among the best in Nigeria Sat, 18 Sep 2021 01:15:13 +0000

Vice-Captain of General Tukur Yusufu Buratai (TYB) International Golf Resort and Country Club Abuja, Brigadier General Gakji Shipi (rtd) said the dream of the founding fathers was to make the club one of the best in the country. In this interview with Trust Sports, the management staff of Army War College Nigeria, a golf enthusiast spoke about his involvement in the sport, how the money was raised for the construction of the TYB Golf Club as well as that of the irresistible aura of the building.

Wbear did you start playing golf and what was your motivation?

Thank you very much for having me with you this afternoon. I was close to golf early on, but the young men of our time saw golf as a game for the elderly. So I started with basketball, squash and volleyball but later started playing golf due to some circumstances. I had medical problems, so I was prevented from participating in strenuous sports. And when I served in Jaji, I used to exercise by walking and there is no way to walk inside Jaji cantonment without going through the golf course. I realized that if golf involves walking and the exercise I do is walking then I should be playing golf. I started in 2011 and funny enough, I had already had golf kits. So I chose my kits, went to the club and hired a trainer. And I’m telling you, one of my regrets is that I didn’t start playing golf early enough. I blame the older generation for not doing enough to make us understand that golf is not for the elderly. Although I entered the game by accident, I really enjoy playing it. Every day I don’t play golf, it’s like my life isn’t complete.

Although you started late, what is your aspiration as a golfer?

For now, I play to improve my game on a daily basis. Unfortunately, I don’t think there is a chance for me to become a professional golfer. All I’m focusing on now is getting people to start earlier so they don’t go through the same fate as me. So I do everything I can to encourage young people who are interested in the game to start early. One of the things that keeps people away from the game is the misconception that golf is for the rich.

What is your vision for TYB International Golf and Country Club?

In fact, I am the vice-captain. Our captain, a very kind man, hard worker and goalscorer, Major General IS Ali, was recently assigned to Jos. He is very busy with his current mission, which is why as Vice-Captain, I must step in and fill the void while waiting for his return. Our vision is to make the Tukur Yusufu Buratai (TYB) International Golf Resort and Country Club one of the best in Nigeria, without putting it beyond anyone’s reach. We have one of the most affordable entry fees in Nigeria and at the same time we offer fantastic facilities like fairway, greens etc.

How was the money collected for the project?

Let me say that the former army chief of staff, General Tukur Buratai (rtd) is a very visionary leader. Whenever he has a vision, he has a very powerful way to sell it to his subordinates. It was the same with this project. Before we knew what was going on, we were all ready to fly with the vision that brought this golf club to life. He first sold the vision to his officers and the reception was great. We have contributed money according to our ranks. We did not include the soldiers. Thus, from a minimum contribution of 40,000 naira upwards, we were able to raise around 128 million naira for the project. After our contribution, Lifetime Patron General Buratai continued to scale up and support the project according to some of the needs we had.

What is the composition of the club? Is it open to everyone?

Our membership is open to everyone. We have members covering all services like the Navy and the Air Force. Last month, Federal Road Safety came to buy a hole dedicated to them. In addition, they asked for the corporate membership that we gave them. They therefore have a corporate membership for 25 FRSC agents. The club is open to everyone. It may interest you to know that even the NNPC has approached us for a corporate membership for their staff. Already, we have over 20-30 NNPC staff from the NNPC. Another branch of government where we have a high membership is the judiciary. It is open but we still jealously guide the membership of Nigerian military personnel. We also have a huge female membership in our club. We have a ladies section under a lady captain. It’s a dynamic section. In fact, they are planning to have Ladies Open. Recently there was one in Lafia. So our ladies are also planning something similar.

To what extent has the TYB Golf and Country Club attracted military personnel to the sport?

Really the response from the staff is really a lot. Golf is nothing new to our officers. Almost all military barracks in Nigeria have golf courses. These are the soldiers that we are trying to bring into the game. But the proximity of the TY Buratai golf course to the barracks has attracted a lot of them. They also pay dues according to their rank, but they are treated equally.

What plans do you have for the maintenance of this building?

This is a very relevant question. Due to the nature of the game, it is difficult to find people with the technical knowledge to maintain such a facility. We therefore made sure that all administrative staff at the golf club were golfers. We have golfers from all over the military and we posted them here. They know what the game is about. Anyone else we bring in is going to learn from them. This is how we maintain the golf course and other facilities.

To what extent has the Nigerian military contributed to the development of golf in the country?

If there is one organization in Nigeria that has done so much to improve golf in the country, it is the Nigerian military. The Nigerian military has done so well for golf. As I said above, there is hardly any military barracks without a golf course open to all. The Nigerian military has played a leading role in providing golf courses.

How cordial is the relationship between TY Buratai Golf Club and IBB Golf and Country Club?

When we got started on this project, we realized that we didn’t need any rivalry. If we believe in the same thing, there shouldn’t be any rivalry. We should all help each other. IBB Golf Club is in a class of its own. Despite this, we have a very good working relationship with them. And their members see us as a compliment to their efforts. They do not see us as rivals in any way. When we have serious technical problems, we go there and they release their staff to us. Whenever their course gets flooded during the rainy season, you see their members come to our club and our doors are always open to them. And the gentlemen that they are, they don’t try to take unfair advantage of us. So we have a very cordial relationship.

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Dayton Valley Golf Club once again welcomes the PGA Tour Qualifier Fri, 17 Sep 2021 22:41:29 +0000

A golfer hits an approach shot on the green during the 2019 Dayton Valley Golf Club Q-School Qualifier.
Photo by Carter Eckl.

Despite a one-year hiatus in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Dayton Valley Golf Club will continue a record-breaking streak of 26 consecutive years of hosting the PGA Tour Q-school, the longest streak for all. country course.
The Arnold Palmer-designed course first hosted a PGA Tour Qualifier in 1995. In 2013, the Tour became the path to PGA membership and mid-season in 2019, the Tour a changed title sponsor to become the Korn Ferry Tour.
The Korn Ferry Tour is now the path to PGA Tour membership. Twenty-five new members of the PGA Tour 2021-22 have been selected from the top 25 winners of the Korn Ferry Tour 2020-21. Another 25 new PGA Tour maps were determined for the 2021-22 season during the Korn Ferry Tour Championship which was played September 2–2. 5. It was the last of three Korn Ferry Tour Finals Series tournaments.
Joshua Creel of Cheyenne, Wyo., Who qualified for the 2018 Dayton Q-school Korn Ferry Tour, finished in 13e up to the 2020-21 Tour Championship to claim one of the 25 PGA Tour cards. Creel is 37e player for playing in a Q school in Dayton to win a PGA Tour card.
The Korn Ferry Tour qualification process includes five 54-hole pre-qualifying tournaments and three 72-hole tournament qualifying stages to determine the final number of new members on the 2022 Korn Ferry Tour.
The Q 2022 school started with pre-qualifying tournaments at seven sites in August and September. A total of 234 players qualified for the first leg out of a total pre-qualifying field of 486.
Dayton Valley is one of 12 locations across the country that host first leg qualifiers in September. Qualifying for the second stage will be played at five venues in October.
The Finals will take place November 4-7 at the Landings Club in Savannah, Georgia.

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Untreated wastewater drains into the river at Meadowbrook golf course – Montreal Fri, 17 Sep 2021 22:24:12 +0000

As golfers take to the Meadowbrook Golf Club in Montreal West, an unsightly river flows right next to the greens.

Both untreated sewage and raw sewage fill the stream that winds through the course.

The problem is due to the interconnection pipes in the neighboring cities of Montreal West and Côte Saint-Luc.

Wastewater from homes is supposed to be connected to dedicated sewer lines, but in some cases this does not happen.

Read more:

3 organizations join forces to clean waste water from Kahnawake

“Frustrated, that’s for sure,” André Bélanger, executive director of the Rivières Foundation, told Global News.

Bélanger wants local municipalities to correct the problem at the source.

The story continues under the ad

“Can Côte Saint-Luc and Montreal West take a stand and say, okay, we’ll resolve this within the next three years,” he said.

The mayor of Côte Saint-Luc says that municipal authorities are aware of the problem and that they intend to correct the problem.

Mitchell Brownstein says there are four connecting pipes on people’s homes and five leaking city-owned sewer lines.

“Of course this is a big concern and we will, first of all, fix these cross connections and ask our residents to do the same. Mitchell said.

Read more:

Volunteer divers embark on an underwater cleaning expedition of the St.Lawrence

In an email to Global News, a spokesperson for the city of Montreal writes that the city plans to build a dike for untreated sewage so that raw sewage mixed with runoff is no longer exposed in the river.

But some environmentalists fear the city’s solution will dry up the river.

“There will be no more river. They remove 96 percent of the river’s watershed, ”Louise Legault, of the Friends of Meadowbrook Park, told Global News.

Bélanger wrote to the ministers of municipal affairs and the environment, but no commitments were made to help clean up the environmental mess.

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“I feel discouraged by this provincial government,” he said.

Click to play the video:

Montreal gets money for water systems

Montreal gets money for water systems – April 18, 2017

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Tribute to Skipton Golf Club mainstay Kath Ellwood Fri, 17 Sep 2021 15:53:30 +0000 FORMER Skipton Golf Club captain and president Kathleen (Kath) Ellwood has passed away.

Born in 1930, Kath died peacefully at Dales Care Home, in Draughton, Saturday morning following a stroke the previous Tuesday. For her family members, it is a blessed relief that she can now rest in peace without suffering the gradual decline inflicted by Alzheimer’s disease for over twenty years.

Her son Peter said: “Kath joined Skipton Golf Club around 1970/71. She had always liked to participate and watch sports. She had previously played hockey for the Skipton ladies and competitive badminton for Belle Vue in the West Craven league. Like many golfers, her handicap dropped during the first few years of competitive golf and she began playing regularly for the Women’s “B” team. During this time, the club was going through a period of increasing popularity and there was a very active and flourishing women’s section. She encouraged family members to learn to play and my brother David joined her shortly after my mom and I followed later around 1975. In fact all of my friends had parents who loved and played golf. .

“I remember back then it was largely obvious that in order to continue to grow, the course had to extend to 18 holes. Plans had been put in place in the 1930s, but the war thwarted those ambitions. It expanded to 12 holes in 1964, but during the latter part of the 1970s the club launched major fundraising events to generate income in order to achieve this ambition. I remember the Women’s Section members being actively involved in fundraising events / initiatives and Kath was fully involved in helping and supporting these efforts at that time.

“Three significant events that remain in my memory, and that of my friends at the time, were two Guinness World Records by then professional Graham Webster and a pro-celebrity tournament which saw many local golf celebrities compete against each other on the 12 hole course set up. Some of the celebrities I remember from that day included Billy Bremner, Charlie Williams, Richard Whiteley and Tim Ewart. Some of the older members may remember one or two more, but it was an exciting event to watch. Radio 1 Disc Jockey David (Diddy) Hamilton provided the musical entertainment that evening in a marquee erected at the back of the 18th green and adjacent to the old practice green It was really exciting times!

“Many other fundraising activities and social events were organized by the Women’s Section and Kath was part of this active group of members who have made such a significant contribution to much needed fundraising. I remember that an extension was made to the front of the prefabricated pavilion to allow the women members to relax away from the men after a round of golf. It was nicknamed the “Hen Hut” and I think many women were sad to see it disappear when the new clubhouse was built in 1992. I think my mother had fond memories of the gossip and the discussions that were made. exchanged away from the gentlemen. . I think they enjoyed their privacy!

“In 1980 she was voted Lady Captain and on a beautiful sunny day, Lady Captain’s Day, in August of the same year, she arrived on the course in a vintage Rolls Royce for the ladies’ first achievement on the new 18-hole course. The competition that day was won by Rowena Crabtree, with Sylvia Coates placing second. An unexpected event happened after supper, as reported by the Craven Herald, when a hot air balloon landed on the 16th fairway. Kath was quick to deny arranging this, but provided the ladies with an entertaining archival film of her trips to the United States in the 1950s.

“In 1985, she was elected president and continued to support fundraising efforts, this time to replace the pre-fab clubhouse that originally came from Ripon camp after the previous pre-fab caught fire in 1924. Kath was president of the social committee for many years and organized scavenger hunts, club quizzes and other social events that encouraged both financial growth and interest in the club. There was definitely a lot of activity going on and as a family we were always amazed at how she was able to juggle her golf commitments with her surgery job and maintain a happy family life.

“Over the years, Kath has competed in hundreds of competitions and has played regularly for the Women’s B team and occasionally for the A team as needed. In 1982 she won the Laffoley Cup and a few years later the Harold Ideson Trophy with her partner Ralf Carr. She also reached the third round of the Jonnie Walker Mixed Quartets with her then playing partner Phil Murgatroyd and went on to win the qualifying round for the “Turnberry” Cup with her playing partner Chris Baker. In 1986, playing with Rowena Crabtree, she scored one in the 15th par 3 (now 16th) and received the Jonnie Walker International Hole-In-One Award. In 1987, she won the Victory Cup and continued to play regularly in the 1990s. Although these golfing achievements were quite modest, she loved the game, the competition but above all the social activity and the friendships that were formed there. . In 2000 she started suffering from dementia and in 2003, in a last ditch effort to fight the disease, my father organized her to play a game with Sadie Hayo, a friend and neighbor. At the end of the tour, Sadie confided in my dad that Kath didn’t know where the holes were – unfortunately it was her last turn. She is survived by three sons, a daughter, eight grandchildren and a great-grandchild. She will be dearly missed, but her zest for life and happy smile will always continue to inspire us all greatly.

“A small private cremation will take place on Thursday, September 30 at 3 pm. Please contact me at if you would like to participate or donate to the Alzheimer Society.

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