Gladstone Golf Course Hosts 65th Anniversary Tournament –

The Gladstone Golf & Country Club is celebrating its 65th anniversary. To honor the occasion, the course is hosting its anniversary tournament this weekend.

Day one took place yesterday and saw Dennis Foster win the Men’s 50+ trophy, Delayne Evenson finished first in the Women’s category and course restaurant manager Spike Foster won the first price for men under 50. .

Spike talks about how nice it was to see everyone come to Gladstone for the occasion.

“It’s great because it’s not just the locals anymore. Everyone hears about our golf course and goes there,” says Foster. “People hear about it from the radio stations, and it’s really good to have people from all over Manitoba coming to play on our property.”

Foster describes what it’s like to have things still going strong after 65 years in business.

“It’s awesome. We’ve been through so many trials and tribulations over the last few years with COVID, floods, and this and that. The guys now have the course in great shape,” Foster continues. “We had the regular 65th Anniversary Tournament (Saturday) and (Sunday) we’re going to have a two-man alternate shot event.”

The clubhouse steward has worked on the course for several years, but has been playing it for even longer. He describes the growth he saw during this time.

“When I started, when I was very young, we used to have sand greens here,” says Foster. “Now we have grass greens, and we’ve had a lot of winter kills over the years, but this year they’ve done an amazing job. The course is in immaculate condition for what it looks like. was. It’s a real hidden gem.”

Foster notes that they brought in people from as far away as Winnipeg and Clear Lake just for the tournament. The whole of Gladstone Golf & Country Club is proud to celebrate 65 years in business and hopes to see 65 more.

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