Golf course on Vancouver Island

People looking to swing a club on a Vancouver Island golf course have more than bunkers and water hazards to watch out for.

“They’re pigs. They have little piglets. There’s about six or seven of them, they’re laying eggs and they’re feeding,” golfer Norm Jackson, manager of the Cowichan Golf Club, said Wednesday.

As cute as it sounds, piggies are problematic on the course.

“You can see the damage,” Jackson said. “They make their way.”

Hog damage is shown. (Submitted)

Other golfers on the course on Wednesday said the damage was “terrible” and believed the pigs were on the course looking for food.

The Cowichan Golf Club says hogs have been stirring up the fairways for the past few months.

“Our team is constantly repairing these damaged areas,” Jackson said. “Our biggest concern is whether they make it onto the greens or the tee boxes, which would be a very, very large and expensive repair bill.”

Clubs say the pigs and piglets are escaping from a nearby property.

“Clearly [the owner’s] responsible for keeping animals on his property,” former club chairman Jon Rose said.

Pigs are on display at the Cowichan Golf Club. (Submitted)


Although the pigs have not yet shown any signs of aggression, the club and its members are concerned for their safety.

“[There’s] fear that if they get aggressive, if there’s a member that comes near them, they’ll go after them,” Rose said.

The club says it wants to help keep the pigs safe and has contacted Cowichan Valley Regional District Animal Control and Bylaws.

“We seem to have a challenge as to which way to go to make sure everyone is protected here,” Jackson said.

“I think if there’s anyone out there who has any suggestions, we’d be happy to listen.”

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