Golf course using ball tracking technology on a beach


WEST PALM BEACH, Florida – Golfers at Club at Ibis have new things to brag about with the grand reopening of the practice center.

Wednesday was the groundbreaking ceremony, and members were eager to line up to spend time at the booth. Hall of Fame golfer Annika Sorenstam was here. She is a 10-time major winner – 11 times including the US Senior Open. She is widely regarded as the greatest golfer of all time.

Sorenstam ran a golf clinic with Ibis Director of Education, Martin Hall, during which she demonstrated the new high-tech features members will appreciate.

“It’s amazing, really. Well done, ”Sorenstam said of the renovation.


Hall of Fame golfer Annika Sorenstam takes the start at the grand reopening of the Isis Club.

TopTracer said Ibis is the first private club in the state of Florida to use its technology on a booth. TopTracer ball tracking technology is used in golf shows. Now it will help members compete in games or track their personal performance and accuracy using an app. TopTracer regional manager Alex Goodman said his technology is used in 450 facilities in 31 countries.

Sorenstam has shown his skill and precision while showing how the system works. Aiming at targets at different distances, a large monitor showed how far she could land a bullet. The members were then invited to take on Sorenstam in a ranking.

The practice center was renovated by Nicklaus design, the architectural firm that designed the three routes of Ibis. The 18.7 acres will be maintained by two robot mowers and four robot bale collectors. The robots can learn the habits of the golfers at the facility to adapt accordingly to become more efficient. Each collector can collect up to 300 bales at a time.

Sorenstam stressed the importance of using time wisely in a practice center. She said her warm-up lasts 1 hour 15 minutes and allows her to tune her brain for the time on the course.

Sorenstam also shared his tips for becoming a better golfer. She said she considered the palm of her hand to be the sixth finger in a grip. Additionally, to focus on posture, balance, alignment and a backward movement that moves as one unit, she explained that the mental game in golf is the key to success.

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