Golf, sports betting to converge on your local practice


You could say that there is an element of play every time a person tries their hand at a sport. Whether you are a novice or just training, there is a kind of bet that the form will be good or that no accidents will happen during its daily exercise. When it comes to visiting a driving range, there’s a metaphorical bet going on there: that you’ll get what you pay for and hit most of the balls in something that looks like a straight line.

We’re much closer to a day when literal bets could take place alongside metaphorical bets at some of the driving ranges across the country. At Sportico, Eben Novy-Williams reports that Topgolf and BetMGM have signed an agreement to add BetMGM’s sports betting capabilities to Topgolf locations. This only applies to locations in states where gambling is legal; The Sportico article cites a number of cities, including Nashville and Detroit, where this will apply.

“It really is state by state, so it’s important to find partnerships that can evolve along with our own expansion,” Kyle Wachtel, Head of Partnerships at BetMGM, told Sportico.

Topgolf isn’t the only BetMGM collaboration announced in recent years. In 2019, BetMGM has partnered with Buffalo Wild Wings, leading to a sort of sports / cross-pollination bet. Either way, partnerships make a lot of sense – if you have an existing audience that is interested in sports, being able to bet on events is the next logical step.

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