Hawks View Golf Club is ready for the summer | Golf

Bad weather during the spring season has derailed many outdoor plans, whether it’s high school sports, events, or just outdoor relaxation. Hawks View Golf Club, which opened in 2001 in Lake Geneva located at 7377 Krueger Rd., hopes the weather will calm down during the summer months to attract as many golfers to the course as possible.

“The weather was terrible and we accommodated golfers where we could between the raindrops,” said Keith Felt, Marketing Director of Hawks View Golf Club. “We had to postpone one of our events for a week or two, but for the most part we haven’t had to postpone too many events so far.”

Because of the rain, they’ve focused on greens and roughs, which Felt says has grown much faster lately.

“We’ve done a lot of work on our greens this year to try and help ensure they’re impeccably maintained,” he said. “We are definitely trying to keep up because of all the rain and bad weather. We’ve tried to do our fair share on that, but I know with the greens we’ve given them extra attention this year.

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Felt said most golf outings planned for the summer are already booked, most of which are private outings, but a veteran golf outing is scheduled for September.

“When we have better weather, we consistently see a lot of golfers throughout the day,” he said. “We are doing well in terms of holding the course.”

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