Historic Shadow Mountain Golf Club set to open new 18-hole putting course called ‘The Flamingo’

“We talk about this historic city all the time. It’s history,” said Randy Florence, president of the Palm Desert Area Chamber of Commerce. “That’s what I love about this course is you can feel it when you come here. I’m so happy with what Lindi and the team are doing to rebuild this place.”

Shadow Mountain Golf Course was the first golf course here in Palm Desert established in 1958.

A rich history in an area rich in golf. But it’s much more than 18 holes.

“People here have an emotional attachment to it,” Shadow Mountain Golf Club owner Lindi Biggi said. “It’s not just a golf course, it’s our community. It’s the place to be. The place to walk the dog.”

Shadow Mountain appeals to everyone and is one of the beauties.

It’s all in the experience.

“This golf course is designed for old and new. People who have never played the game and people who have played it their whole lives,” said Shadow Mountain General Manager Joe Gowdy.

“Here you can bring the whole family and make it a full day and then end up in the clubhouse. I think we’re going to see a lot more of that as it continues to grow,” Florence said.

And it’s even better.

Coming in March, a brand new one-of-a-kind putting course.

18 holes. The Flamingo. It will be one of the main attractions not only in Shadow Mountain, but in all of Palm Desert.

“From our community, right? We’re one of the only golf courses here that’s not entirely private, that doesn’t have walls. So it’s going to be an attraction for everyone” , Gowdy said.

“It’ll be fun for the kids, it’ll be fun for people like me who are getting too old to go out and play 18-hole golf,” Biggi said. “It will be fun for people your age and fun for events.”

“So this is our flamingo enclosure which overlooks our clubhouse which will be built there in the future. So we will have 9 real flamingos living here on a daily basis. The middle area there will be their island and the surroundings will be filled with water and sand. That will be where they will be,” Gowdy said.

Make a few putts with a Flamingo audience, you won’t find this anywhere else in the desert.

“Some of our golfers there who can’t play 18 holes anymore, they don’t have the time, the energy and the strength anymore. They will have the time and the strength to come to the flamingo, to play 18 holes, to s ‘sit with their buddies and have drinks and check the scorecard to see who owes whom a bit of money,’ Gowdy said.

Also have cocktails and sit outside the Flamingo.

“Oh don’t think we won’t have a bar here,” Biggi said!

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