Hollinger Golf Club prepares for centenary celebration

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The Hollinger Golf Club has retained many memories of its centuries-old history.

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Inside the pavilion, there is a display of old trophies from when the Hollinger was named the Timmins Golf Club.

“I think it’s pretty amazing for us to still have these artifacts and pieces of local history,” said Taylor Dupuis, general manager of golf operations at Hollinger Golf Club.

Many of these artifacts have been polished and polished in preparation for the club‘s 100th anniversary.e birthday celebration week which begins on Sunday.

Taylor said visitors will have ample opportunity to “revisit some of the history and basically learn how the Hollinger came to be the way we know it today.”

The Timmins Golf Club, as it was originally called, was incorporated on August 9, 1922.

It was established in 1922 by the Hollinger Mine and created as an added incentive for potential employees to move to Timmins and work for the mine.

After the Hollinger Mine closed and the club was sold to its members in 1974, it was renamed Hollinger Golf Club. In 2001, Hollinger Golf Club expanded from its original nine-hole facility to include an 18-hole championship course.

The original nine-hole course was closed in 2007 and sold back to the mining company due to mining subsidence issues.

In 2008, Dr. Tony Kos, a family doctor in Timmins with a vision to see the club return to its former glory, made a winning bid to buy the golf course after it went into receivership.

In an interview with The Daily Press shortly after the deal was struck, Kos fondly recalls working as a caddy at the old Hollinger Golf Club in his youth.

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One of his immediate goals as new owner was to attract more families and introduce clinics and junior programs that would encourage more young people to take up the sport.

“I was born and raised here and I think it’s good for the community,” Kos said. “I think it really is a gem in the city. Members like it, people like it. It’s 199 acres of gorgeous greenery less than a mile from the heart of the city.

Kos noted that the club’s origins date back to 1922 and added, “It’s always been there for the people of Timmins and my intention is to keep it that way.

Today, the Hollinger Golf Club, located just off 555 Moneta Avenue, is promoted as the only 18-hole championship golf course in Northern Ontario. It has a full practice facility that includes a driving range, putting green, and chipping and bunker area.

The course is a Par 72 and is played 6,548 yards from the black tees. It features two distinct nine-hole loops aptly named the Highlands and the Lakelands.

The Highlands loop offers elevated vistas with meandering holes across the Canadian Shield while the Lakelands crosses the lower part of the land where several ponds and streams come into play.

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