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Thanks for checking How to bet on golf. I’m your host Sean Green from The Sports Gambling Podcast here to explain how to bet on golf. If you think golf is boring, “Oh my God, I don’t care about golf, I fall asleep watching it on TV. Then you haven’t put enough money on golf, because golf can be one of the most exciting gambling events ever! Like when you win two big bets betting on Bubba Watson to win the 2012 Masters. That’s pretty awesome and pretty exciting. So I’m going to give you some strategies here on how to bet on golf!

My first piece of advice when it comes to betting on golf, don’t bet on Tiger Woods, every time you make the most famous golfer of all time, all value bets on Tiger Woods are completely gone. Yeah. maybe if you see a matchup prop, or will it hit the fairway, right? Perhaps. But winning a tournament or getting into the top 10 has no value. Much like his marriage, the bet on Tiger Woods is over.

Another tip for betting on golf. Bet on the course and not on the player. And what do I mean by that? Well, each course has its own personality, doesn’t it, and certain styles fit that course. Now don’t just look at the old leaderboard because maybe those guys don’t play the same and let’s just say they don’t hit the ball as well. Well, that won’t work as well for this course. So really do your research when it comes to the type of golf style that suits this course.

Another great golf betting tip when watching players enjoy hitting the ball over the putt because the putt is hot and cold. If you’ve ever been on mini golf, you know that sometimes you get it, sometimes you don’t. Your knees bump, you miss. Or do you think it’s a three footer, it’s overflowing, the cup can really spin you one way or the other, but hitting the ball is consistent, right? Your woods, your irons, those guys who are great ball strikers, they’re consistent, they’re reliable, they’re your horses. The guys who put you hot can’t be counted on, so don’t load up on the hot putters. Stock up on hot bullet attackers.

A common mistake when it comes to golf betting is simply betting on individual golfers to win the tournament, right? But there are many more ways to get paid, especially matchup props. You think a golfer is going to be really good. You think another is bad. This is where you can get closer to the money. This is where you can get the (-110) (-120) above their towers. This is where you can get good regular bets.

Yeah it’s fun to throw a few darts out there 25:1 for Bubba Watson to hit The Masters like I did in 2012 and I talk about it constantly but for the most part it won’t happen at every time. And you’re really looking for money there. So keep it simple. Keep it consistent. Find those (-110) bets you like.

One thing you always have to consider when betting on golf is the weather, right? These guys are golfers, they are not football players, any kind of rain, wind, crazy gusts, sleet, snow, whatever happens on the golf course, it has an impact huge. If you watch the Open Championship, if the weather is horrible, you can knock out half the guys there. These guys have enough to think about, right? They look at the grass. Is it Bermuda? How long does this cut last? It’s a mental nightmare. You take the weather into account. Forget that.

So remember when it comes to betting the golf factor in the course conditions factor in the weather. Walk away from Tiger Woods and you’ll stack tons of cash and there’s nothing boring about stacking tons of cash. And you can do it on Many thanks to Steve Schirmer, our golf expert, for his help with assembly!

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