If you’re looking for the best place in Indiana to play mini-golf, look no further than Evansville.

Who doesn’t love a cool, fun, competitive round of mini-golf? I only know one person who would raise their hand on this, but I think it’s just because they’re not very good at it. Almost everyone played and had a great time when they got together with family and friends.

There are many miniature golf courses across the country which all offer something unique and fun. Recently, the Stacker website compiled a list of the best places to play mini golf in each state. As I scrolled through the list, I saw a lot of mini golf courses that looked really awesome. They didn’t just pick random golf courses that looked cool and call them the best in the state. No, they did it as logically as possible.

Stacker analyzed ratings and reviewed Tripadvisor data to determine the best mini golf in each state. The destination’s score out of five and the number of notices the destination received were used to choose the best destination. Based on this information, I was even more excited to see what was chosen as Indiana’s best mini golf course, as it is located here in Evansville.

With a 4.5 out of 5 rating and 49 reviews, Walther’s Golf & Fun on First Avenue in Evansville was named Indiana State’s Best Mini Golf Course. Here’s what Stacker said about Walther:

What is likely to be the only banana trees in all of Indiana can be found at Walther’s Golf & Fun, dotting the 18-hole outdoor mini-golf course alongside dense forests of bamboo and other tropical plants. The indoor and outdoor courses are themed in tropical paradise and have been voted the best in the town of Evansville for eight consecutive years. For just $ 9.50 per person, families can enjoy unlimited golf all year round.

Having been to Walther’s several times, I have to say I can’t argue with them to land at number one in the state. They have both an indoor and an outdoor course. Not to mention laser tag, arcade games and more. It’s fun for everyone in the whole family and also a great idea for a fun night out.

If you would like to see which mini golf course has been named the best in all the other states, you can check out the list published by Stacker by clicking here.

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