It is the last golf course in the UK that still has not reopened



A popular and historic short-hole golf club in Edinburgh has yet to reopen after Covid’s first lockdown in 2020, despite the boom in golf participation.

We hope that it will finally reopen completely in the coming days.

The 36-hole, 131-year-old Bruntsfield Short Hole Golf Club said the local council said it was planning to reopen only nine of its 36 holes initially, saying the decision was in part due to the pressure exercised on greenkeepers due to the absence related to Covid. .

Jimmy Robertson, vice-captain of Bruntsfield Short Hole Golf Club, said: “The 36 holes at the links are, naturally, closed since April 2020 due to government / Scottish Golf restrictions on all golf courses to not touch the flags / pins.

“However, just as we expected to reach the end of the long tunnel, with the government / Scottish Golf agreeing that all golfers in the country could once again handle the flags / pins, the reopening of the 36 holes on the links struck a brick wall, courtesy of senior city council officials.

“Their ridiculous intention is to only open nine holes. This week, next week, one day? It is now the only golf course in Scotland / UK that still remains closed and for non-Covid reasons.

“It has been a long period of a few difficult weeks with email exchanges in the hopes that good old common sense would eventually prevail.

Bruntsfield Short Hole Golf Club. Image from Facebook

“No luck, I’m afraid, despite messages of full reopening support sent to board officials by councilors Cameron Rose and Denis Dixon, for whom the club are extremely grateful, but unfortunately still to no avail.

“After 131 years, the future of this unique 36-hole short-hole golf course on historic Bruntsfield Links is now on the line!”

Bruntsfield Short Hole Golf Club is said to be the last remaining club not to reopen after the first lockdown last year. Pewit Golf Course in Derbyshire did not reopen in 2020 but did so in June 2021, and Camperdown Golf Course in Dundee, a location its board agreed in 2019 to close in April 2020, is set to reopen . Its lack of golf also stems from the fact that shorter versions of golf have exploded over the past 15 months.

“It is not unfair to claim that the origins of today’s oldest Lothians golf clubs are from Bruntsfield Links,” added Robertson.

“This heritage must be perpetuated for the good of our future generations, through the sustainability of this unique historic course in world golf. “

According to the board, a solution to the full reopening of the course has now been found and the goal is for this to happen in the next few days.

A spokesperson said: “Within our green spaces team, staff should rotate across town and department to ensure all the different pressures are addressed, such as staff absences.

“We, like many other organizations, have a number of staff who self-isolate. One solution was to have nine guaranteed holes and open the rest when we could.

“However, with the improvement in membership, the team is working to open the course early next week.”


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