Jodi Ann Harvey arrested after wild chase on golf course

A Florida woman was arrested earlier this week after allegedly leading police in a savage chase across a golf course.

Jodi ann harvey, 60, is charged with a litany of offenses including aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, impaired driving, criminal mischief, aggravated flight and aggravated assault of an officer.

The incident that led to the charges happened Tuesday afternoon at the Grand Harbor Golf and Beach Club in Vero Beach, Fla., According to the Indian River County Sheriff’s Office.

The agency alleges Harvey crashed through the gate to the golf course and drove straight onto the links of the course in his attempt to escape sheriff’s deputies after first escaping unincorporated community agents company in Waterford Lakes, Fla. just after 1 p.m. on the day in question.

MPs say they then tried to stop the driver, but she again allegedly refused. The pursuit through the course ensued. The chase didn’t end until law enforcement crashed into one of their own pickup trucks on the side of the fleeing SUV, as seen in dashcam footage released by the Sheriff’s Office on Tuesday. .

In the roughly two-minute clip, the dark-colored vehicle weaves its way over the hills and through the green of the lush golf course, often appearing to narrowly avoid hitting golf carts and golfers.

The speed of the car chase, however, was decidedly at the lower end.

As a silver law enforcement truck spins the wheels of the SUV, the driver quickly exits and throws her hands in the air before finally complying with shouted demands for her to kneel down.

However, MEPs appeared to believe that compliance was transitional.

The footage shows the woman rushing out and trying to access something on what appears to be her cell phone. Two deputies then begin to tackle and force the accused to the ground. The woman’s body comes out of the frame as she is finally overpowered and handcuffed.

According to local NBC affiliate KPTV, no injuries were reported as a result of the chase and the subsequent chase response technique, although the woman’s car as well as two vehicles from the sheriff’s office have suffered damage. The accused was taken to a nearby hospital for medical clearance before being booked.

Harvey is currently being held in the Indian River County Jail. According to a review of prison files, her bail has been set at well over $ 400,000 for the combined panoply of charges she faces.

The accused has not yet pleaded in the case.

IRCO initially announced the arrest with the following statement:

Driver stopped, no injuries after vehicle crossed golf course. There were no injuries after a driver walked through a door and crossed the Grand Harbor golf course on Tuesday afternoon. The driver, identified only as a woman, was arrested. She was transported for medical clearance before being booked. The incident took place in the community of Vero Beach in Waterford Lakes shortly after 1 p.m. The Indian River County Sheriff’s Office attempted to arrest her, but she did not comply, prompting a lawsuit. The woman walked through the gate of the Grand Harbor Golf Course and made her way to the course. The authorities managed to carry out a PIT maneuver and locked her up. No injuries were reported, although his vehicle and two vehicles from the sheriff’s office were damaged. The charges against the woman will be released upon her incarceration in the county jail.

[image via Indian River County Sheriff’s Office]

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