Luseland Golf Course will see continued improvements in 2022

After experiencing its busiest year in 2021, Bells Acres Golf Course in Luseland will continue its improvements in 2022

LUSELAND – Bell Acres Golf Course in Luseland will see further improvements in 2022. Thanks to community support and generous donors, the course saw its nine-hole course converted to synthetic greens in 2021. The project was funded by donations and fundraising before construction even began. and helped the community golf course record its busiest season ever in 2021.

The course was established in 1963 and the community of Luseland has been credited as the founder of this recreational venue.

Ryley Magnus, Golf Course Secretary-Treasurer, said, “For the second year in a row, our annual ‘Bosses’ Night Out’ fundraiser has been cancelled, which has been a huge help to our fundraising efforts. funds. We are currently running an online auction fundraiser as a replacement event.

In addition to the installation of synthetic greens, some improvements have been undertaken on the course in 2021, including clubhouse renovations and two golf carts available for hire. The club house renovations included new flooring, new paint, new tables and chairs, and a new refrigerator and freezer. The addition of the bathroom is a continuation of last spring’s renovation project.

For 2022, the club executive hopes their online fundraiser will help initiate and complete the clubhouse bathroom expansion, as well as hydrate an area around each synthetic green to be able to have a lush grass to synthetic green. The club also hopes to purchase an aerator for spring and fall work. They also hope to make improvements to the sprinkler system to allow field crew volunteers to optimize water use and grass growth.

The clubhouse was a one-room former country school building and is the course’s most recognizable landmark along the highway.

All improvements to the clubhouse were done by volunteers. In terms of golf course maintenance, the executive has one paid staff member and in the spring of 2022 they will have full time staff and casual staff to help undertake new maintenance projects.

Magnus said the estimate for the 2022 upgrades is budgeted at $42,000 and will be funded primarily through online auction fundraising, with the balance coming from golf club savings.

The online auction received donations of 100 auction items with bids from across the province. Magnus says the retail value of the donated items is $45,000 and the club doubled its Facebook followers during the online event, which runs until midnight February 12.

Magnus says they will have a part with the community showcasing donors and community support. A donor wall will be unveiled for those who contributed to the synthetic greens improvement project, and the executive hopes to have a ribbon cutting once this year’s renovations are complete. The Gold Club executive praises the community for their continued support of this recreational venue and says, “Thank you for playing.”

Magnus adds: “The Luseland community is always quick to support community initiatives like our projects on the golf course. Our community could not have the great amenities without the volunteer work, monetary donations, and goods and services donated by local individuals and businesses.

“Luseland is a community in the truest sense of the word. Fundraising for the golf course does not only come from the community of Luseland, but also from neighboring communities,” explains Magnus.

The Luseland Golf Course Leisure Site benefits from the volunteer management team which includes: President Curtis Reschny, Vice President Justin Fischer, Secretary-Treasurer Ryley Magnus and other members Darrell Kraft, Ryan Reiber, Garett Fluney, Jason Thrun, Lyndon Kloster, Tyler Birn, Greg Cairns, Candice Kraft, Amanda Ternan, Zac Body, Ren Taylor and Luke Stang.

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