Maidenhead protesters gather for second time over shots of golf course

Protesters braved the cold night once again as they gathered a second time to oppose ‘monstrous’ development plans Maidenhead Golf Course.

More than 100 people expressed strong objections in front of the town hall on Tuesday, December 14 to the construction of more than 2,000 housing units on the 132-acre green space site as part of the local borough plan (BLP)

Councilors have yet to vote on the 2013-2033 BLP, which specifies where thousands of homes will be built. It was expected to be debated in full council early in the new year after the special meetings were canceled, as there was not enough “time” for the external review of the local plan.

Maidenhead Great Park activists, residents, children and their parents, local businesses and advisers to the Liberal Democrats and Independents have expressed disgust at turning the golf course into a “monstrous concrete jungle.” “.

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Advisors, activists, youth and children spoke about the impacts climate change will have on the world and how keeping the golf course, or making it a great park, will help mitigate these. effects as well as air pollution. Songs were also sung, urging the council to put the local plan back on the drawing board.

Maidenhead Great Park activist Debbie Ludford said: “If it stays green over time we will be able to use space even better. We can plant more trees and wildflowers, we can create ponds for wildlife and water storage, we can work with the golf club to share the space and maybe someday this will be a park for everyone with wellness and education activities there, a community center, garden, walking trails, etc.

“I’m not sure exactly what our community will choose for this space in the long term, but what I do know is that this space will become more and more important to all of us if it stays green.

More protests are planned to continue calls for advisers to reject BLP

Independent Cllr Geoff Hill (left) and Lib Dem Cllr Gurch Singh

Independent Cllr Geoff Hill (left) and Lib Dem Cllr Gurch Singh

“If it is developed, it will have the opposite effect. We will have more air pollution, less wildlife, more flooding, and no chance of ever recovering this precious natural resource.

“I truly believe that if we stand together we can stop this senseless plan to ruin our environment here in Maidenhead.”

John Hudson, former chairman of the Berkshire branch of the Campaign to Protect Rural England, said there was no need to develop on the golf course as the 12,691 housing needs in the borough, which were calculated in 2012, halved and the majority of these needs. the houses have been built or have obtained a building permit.

He said: “The SS RBWM Titanic is heading for this big iceberg lurking in the fog, the local elections of 2023.

“In the event that the BLP is approved, including the development of the Maidenhead Golf Course, the RBWM Titanic would crash head-on into this iceberg – and we all know what happened to the Titanic.”

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Senior Planning and Maidenhead Councilor David Coppinger (Con: Bray) previously said the golf course was “the most sustainable site” in the borough and that the council should release the green belt at the campaign if it removed the 132- one hectare plot.

He also said that it was “totally inaccurate” to say that the future housing project was halved, because the BLP inspector “contested” the borough’s housing need and found it ” Well “.

Activists said more protests should be scheduled to express their opposition to the BLP.

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