Michael Jordan, After Being Kicked Out Of Exclusive Golf Course, Spent $20 Million Just To Get Revenge On Them: ‘You Can’t Come Back Here’

Hall of Famer Michael Jordan loves to play golf. Even after his retirement, Jordan continued to play golf as a hobby. Playing with celebrities and professional golfers, Michael knows the sport well. He even has his own $20 million golf course.

Although before Jordan owned a golf course, he was a member of the Posh Golf Club. Michael was always competitive and never let anyone be above him. After being kicked off the golf course for a peculiar reason, Jordan’s next move left everyone in awe.

Michael Jordan bought his own golf course after being kicked out by a golf club


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Jordan once wore cargo pants at a country club, La Gorce in Miami. He was asked to leave because of the same cargo pants. This may be one of the reasons Jordan bought a golf course. The ‘Grove XXIII’ is located in Hobe Sound, Florida. Estimated at approximately $20 million, Grove XXIII spans over 15,000 square feet.

The club is luxurious and not everyone is invited to play. There are less than 100 members of Grove XXIII, as only professional golfers, celebrities and other Jordan contacts are invited to play. Compared to his previous experience, his club even drops snacks for golfers using drones.

Some big names who have been invited to play include Barack Obama, famous golfers Justin Johnson and Justin Thomas, to name a few. The club also held a members event, to which Tiger Woods was invited.


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22 years ago, Michael Jordan achieved something that no one else has managed to replicate until this day.

almost 2 years ago

Michael Jordan has his properties that are worth a fortune

Jordan owns various multi-million dollar properties across the United States. These include 5 million-dollar mansions, a 10,000 square foot house and his own golf course. Her Airness certainly knows how to live the good life.


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It just shows how a billionaire would invest in properties. Whereas for someone like Jordan, he might have taken the La Gorce incident personally. Where do you think Jordan ranks in golf? Let us know in the comments.

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