Mike Goodes returns after suffering a heart attack on the golf course


Like the southern gentleman Mike, they brought lunch to the fire station.

“The firefighters were saying, we don’t see any survivors in this situation, not that there aren’t any, but it’s a small percentage,” Goodes said. “I’m 64 years old, I’ve been through a lot in my life, I’ve thought about a lot of things that could happen in life, but I’ve never, ever tried to figure out how to thank someone. ‘having saved your life. “

It was an abnormal event. The week before that happened, Goodes performed in Des Moines, Iowa at the Principal Charity Classic. Then he met his wife in Virginia where he tried to pass the US Senior Open Qualifier. In fact, Mike and Jeanine did a six mile hike on Tuesday that week. He had no problems and has no family cardiovascular history.

Even now that he’s recovered, it’s hard to explain exactly what happened. After doing all the tests on his heart, it turned out that there was nothing physically wrong.

There were no blockages in the arteries.

When he woke up from the coma, they did an MRI to see if there was anything structurally wrong and they couldn’t find anything.

Doctors said it was an “electrical problem” where the upper part of the heart begins to race and the lower part does not follow and turns off.

“I know I was saved for a reason and I don’t know the reason,” Goodes said. “You look at life a little differently now, every time we have a near disaster you look at life a little differently. “

This week is very special for Goodes, who played a practice round with Funk on Tuesday at 10:00 am.

“I feel like coming back to see my family. When Friday starts, I want to play golf, I want to play the best I can, whatever it is. It’s a big family here, sometimes you argue with your siblings, but most of the time you hug, kiss and love them. It is a great feeling to be here.

Goodes has never played on the PGA TOUR. He got a second life at the age of 50 and qualified for the PGA TOUR Champions. He must have earned his stay over the past 15 years. Goodes’ crowning achievement was winning the 2009 Allianz Championship. He has won over $ 6 million on PGA TOUR Champions. Not bad for a career lover.

“It’s a gift to have a friend as close as Mike and I, he’s like a soul mate,” Funk said. “I just couldn’t imagine going out on the Tour and not having Mike.

Goodes and Funk are paired in the first round on Friday.

No matter how Goodes plays, he’s there and that’s the most important thing.

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