Neath Golf Club Course Review

Neath Golf Club Course Review

GF Tour: £ 28- £ 39, £ 33 – 44
Through 72.6,490 yards
Slope 113
Verdict of the general manager – A pretty layout on top of a James Braid hill where the views from many of the 13 holes that play on the heights are breathtaking.
Favorite hole – The 15 par-4 mid-length – The Pulpit – where you can send one into the stratosphere as you descend to the lower level in one fell swoop.

Neath Golf Club - moors

The hilltop course of Neath offers a mix of moorland and moorland golf

(Image credit: Neath Golf Club)

If scenic views courses are your thing some of the hilltop tracks above the Welsh valleys are some of the best in the UK when you want to feel away from it all, this form of play offers better than any. other. James Braid’s 1934 moorland / moorland creation in Neath is a prime example, providing excellent wide-ranging views from a trail that climbs early – especially on the blind par-3 uphill 2nd – to reveal a web golf course of trees, heather, gorse, drystone walls and undulating greens, which will prove singularly confusing if you stray over the hole.

Neath Golf Club - 4th hole

The 4th is a par 5 with OOB running at the top left

(Image credit: Neath Golf Club)

Braid must have had a bit of a twinkle in his eyes when he designed some of these, although the green speeds back then wouldn’t have been quite what they are today. Indeed, the club have been keen to maximize their Braid heritage lately, with an old Braid back tee abandoned on the 3rd hole rediscovered and reintroduced a decade ago for occasional use in competitions.

Neath Golf Club - 9th hole

Views from the top are stunning, like here looking across the 9th green

(Image credit: Kevin Murray)

Once at the top the views are simply stunning, especially from the 10th and 11th holes as you gaze at the hustle and bustle in the distance in the valley floor below. It is truly spellbinding. What goes up must come down, of course, and in Neath it all happens in one fell swoop via the mid-long par-4 15th – The Pulpit. This is the hole you will remember the most as it plunges down considerably from around 80 feet to the lower level via more hang time than you might imagine!

Neath Golf Club - 15th hole

Throwing away from the 15th tee is an exhilarating feeling

(Image credit: Kevin Murray)

While the few holes that open stimulate legs and circulation, the visual panoramic feast you devour from above is a big reward for your efforts! Indeed, Braid isn’t the only Open winner to have fallen for Neath’s visual allure, with three-time golf champion Henry Cotton also praising her beauty. There is also a great variety to accompany this beauty, with four par 3s and four par 5s, two of which finish the course.

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