Neighbors call for change after vacant golf club burnt out in Northwest Valley

LAS VEGAS (KLAS) – As the closed Silverstone Golf Club burned to the ground in the Northwest Valley on Friday, neighbors shared their long-standing concerns over the vacant property.

“Oh my God, right next to our homes,” Heather Raasveld told 8 News Now of the fire. “It’s pretty scary.”

The fire started around 12:30 p.m. and continued to burn through the night; Orange flames pierced the night sky and a haze of smoke enveloped the neighborhood near Grand Teton Drive and Buffalo Drive.

It looked like a scene from a movie, but it was actually an intense reality.
“It’s just a permanent nuisance,” said Joe, who also lives in the area. “It becomes a threat. “

The property and the 27-hole course it connects to closed in 2015. Many, including Raasveld, said this has only caused problems since then.

“I know there were squatters and homeless people who stayed there,” she said of the vacant building.

Tim Szymanski of Las Vegas Fire and Rescue told 8 News Now that the building also made it difficult for firefighters, who spent more than 12 hours attacking it from outside.

“This fire was still in charge, we went on defense,” Szymanski explained. “So that meant we didn’t want to take him out of the area and we didn’t want to risk anyone’s life at the same time. “

As for the residents of the neighborhood, they said they were happy that no one was hurt, but they hope this terrifying turn of events will bring much needed growth and change to their street.

“Which frustrates us,” Joe said of the situation. “Nothing is done.”

“It should be something to improve the community,” Raasveld concluded of the property.

Szymanski told 8 News Now that the building had already had two fires and squatters frequented the area.

Although no official cause was known Friday night, the building is a total loss, estimated at around $ 5 million in damage.

Firefighters said 8 News Now crews were to stay overnight and until Saturday morning, to extinguish hot spots and ensure the flames did not reignite.

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