North West Square | Anwyl tries again with the Widnes Golf Club program


Artist’s illustration of the proposed plans for the WIdnes golf club. Credit: via Active PR

Julia Chapelière

After being denied a building permit in March, the homebuilder changed tack by submitting a new application for 233 units.

“We have listened to the objections of the locals, Halton Council and the Statutory Consultant and have incorporated a number of changes which we believe address their concerns,” said Anwyl Homes Lancashire Managing Director John Grime.

“The new app takes their feedback into account and hopefully provides a way to revive the fortunes of a golf club that has seen its membership decline over the past decade,” he continued.

Grime said if this new request was unsuccessful, then the company was ready to file a town planning appeal based on the initial denial.

The new app reduces the number of planned homes from 249 to 233. It maintains the full affordable housing needs. The plans also add green space to the project and include a promise to plant more trees.

Transport inside and outside the perimeter will be improved, with the elimination of a cul-de-sac access. Under these new plans, all main accesses will come from two priority junctions off Liverpool Road. There will also be better walking and cycling links throughout the region.

More details on modeling and flood mitigation have also been provided in the new app.

Widnes Golf Club Master Plan, Anwyl Homes Lancashire, Via Active PR

Anwyl Homes Lancashire’s new master plan for Widnes Golf Club. Credit: via Active PR

The Widnes Golf Club will however still be condensed from 18 holes to nine. However, the new project would redevelop this 9-hole course and include a new clubhouse. Widnes Golf Club will also continue to invest in the 18-hole Blundells Hill Golf Club in Rainhill, whose facilities it wants to improve. This investment would ensure that club members could play on both courses.

The development team includes Barton Willmore on planning, with designs from both the internal Anwyl team and Astle Planning & Design. Club House Design is the consultant for the new golf club facilities, while KKP takes care of the golf needs assessment.

Other consultants include TPM Landscape, Eddisons on Transportation, Weetwoods & Ironside Farrar on Flood & Drainage, TEP on Arboriculture and UES on Ecology.

Redmore Environmental provides air quality consulting services for the project, while Ratio Seven does the same for energy. Betts Geo is the geo-environmental consultant and Echo Acoustics is the noise consultant.

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