Online reviews now play a major role in golf course decisions

A survey of golfers found that they are much more likely to leave reviews of golf courses they play and read reviews from other golfers before deciding to play a new course than before.

Golfshake found that 62% of golfers say they would leave reviews online – up from 44% in 2018 – and 86% said they read independent reviews online – up from 68% in 2018. More importantly, 81% said independent reviews could help with the decision to play new courses – up from 61% in 2018.

Golfers also placed ‘word of mouth/peer feedback’ as the most deciding factor when planning where to play.

The site also surveyed golf club members and found that their own golf club’s average website rating was exactly that: average.

Website quality received a rating of 3.44 out of 5, with the majority selecting the option for average.

This comes as 84% ​​of visiting golfers said they were “very likely” to visit a club’s website before visiting the site, and 86% of club members said they visited their club’s website. golf club when performing a relevant online activity such as researching and booking tee times.

Meanwhile, 97% of non-club member golfers said golf clubs should notify golf course guidelines in advance.

“Successful digital marketing and communication is now essential for golf clubs to thrive and provide an experience that benefits both members and visitors. It’s something that starts with a quality, informative and engaging website,” the website reports.

“Since the onset of the pandemic, the golf industry has seen a major shift in how golfers now consume game-related information and content. And if they weren’t already, all golfers have been forced to go online and use digital platforms just to book tee times.

“Considering the golf course as a product like any other, websites and social media can act as an important sales tool, promoting and encouraging visitors to book a tee time and take advantage of the facilities available, with the best updated information and attractive visual images.

“The website should be considered one of the most vital departments for any golf club. Not only to act as a storefront, but also as a means of informing and updating members and potential visitors. .

In terms of social media, 79% of club members said their own golf club uses social media platforms, with Facebook being by far the most used network, followed by Twitter and then Instagram. Social media output was rated with an average of only 2.98 out of 5.

The research also revealed that two percent of golf clubs do not have a website.

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