Philly Fashion Blogger’s All-Pink Union League Golf Club Bridal Shower



Wait until you see the pillars created for her best friends.

At Dani Maiale’s Union League Golf Club bridal shower, she surprised her bridesmaids with signs dedicated to them. Photography by Du Soleil Photography

Like weddings, bridal showers can take many different forms depending on your personal style. In the case of the fashion influencer and the bride-to-be Danielle MaialeAt the Pink Tropical Paradise-themed Union League Golf Club at the Torresdale Bridal Shower, her night was devoted to making everyone involved – especially the bridal party – feel loved. Dani, who will be attached to Jean Dombroski in just a few days (October 9!) After postponing their big day for a year due to the pandemic, incorporated some bold twists to highlight her bridesmaids. (Remember, she also hosted a “Will You Be My Bridesmaid?” Brunch for her best friends.) Du Soleil Photographie captured it all and Dani shares her approach below.

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place cardsdecorMy mom and family took the shower, but I worked closely with them and the vendors on the planning. I really wanted my shower to be a chance for all participants to get to know each other and have fun! It was about making everyone at the wedding feel important and, of course, celebrating a long-awaited countdown to the wedding.

The bridal shower invites included a QR code. He gave us the answer right away if anyone was present. The QR code was scanned on our The Knot wedding website and notified me via email when someone responded. This made it easier for us to plan accordingly for the 75 guests who eventually made it to lunch. We also included the dress code on the (semi-formal) invitations: it was just a fun way for all of our guests to wear their best Sunday in the shower!


Of course, the COVID guidelines have had an impact. About a week before the shower, Philadelphia announced new masking and vaccination guidelines for all businesses. The Union League of Philadelphia (where my wedding will be held) as well as all of its properties have chosen to require guests and members to provide proof of vaccination to even enter the property. With this new rule in place, we had to act quickly. We informed all guests by phone and text to bring their vaccination cards, which would be checked at the door. If guests wanted to wear masks while showering as well, they were welcome – whatever made them feel comfortable! We had masks and hand sanitizer on hand. And the place itself was both indoor and outdoor on the terrace, which made the environment safer.

It was important for me to stress how special my bridesmaids are. We created large pillars on the patio for each person – my designer, House of Catherine, came up with the idea. The columns bore their name, as well as a corresponding photo. They were staggered to different heights, every 10, so each bridesmaid had a whole moment dedicated to her. I didn’t tell the girls I was doing this, so when I took them out to surprise them, they were in shock and laughed.

Plus my bridesmaids all wore white because I thought that would be another little nod to make them feel special.

dessert bardessert bardessert bar

I wanted to make sure that anyone coming alone felt included and at ease. Some of the guests may not know many people, and to help out, I loved the idea of ​​having a seating plan! It was just meant to bring together other people who may have come solo, so that they could get to know others. We can all sometimes feel uncomfortable walking into a room when the only person we know is the bride or a couple of people there, so I wanted everyone to feel included and make new friends. that they will see again at the wedding.

My dad, future stepfather and John attended the last half hour. It was important for me to have them all there because it was a chance for everyone to get to know each other better. Having my whole family there to share these memories means absolutely everything. My dad couldn’t help but talk about the day, and although it was a bridal shower for all women, I’m glad they were a part of that pre-wedding moment.


Games have been played! We’ve kept this tradition: it’s an amazing way to get your table talking and get to know others in the room. We chose to play “Who knows the bride best?” These were questions to fill out. We also played a simpler game of “Does she prefer?” It was a simple answer to questions. Finally, we played the “Shoe Game”, but instead of John and I holding each other’s shoes, we held each other’s printed faces. My sister, Lauren, who is also my bridesmaid, reads the questions aloud to us. I highly recommend playing this game at any shower: I was hysterical the whole time!


We had a dessert bar. It included a pink pearl cake, chocolate covered strawberries, an ombré macaroon tower, personalized sugar cookies, chocolate bites, and other candy. Guests were also given gift bags to take home treats after showering.

This interview has been edited for clarity and length.

Photographer: Du Soleil Photography | Location, catering and desserts: Union League of Philadelphia | Design: Maison de Catherine | Flowers: Always beautiful flowers | Hairdressing: Salon du Lotus | Make-up: Rita Marie | Videography: Visual Rose Films | Artist: Denise Fike Fashion illustrator

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