Plans for £11m redevelopment at Belford Golf Club split

A preliminary application by Moorlands Holdings (NE) Ltd for a redevelopment of the golf club site resulted in nearly 50 letters of support and objection.

Club owners David and Michael Ratliff want to build 21 new homes, farm shop, retail units, offices, sports ground, two tennis courts, expanded clubhouse, new driving range , bowling green, play park, facilities for mothers and toddlers and micro-Brasserie.

It is a scaled down version of a £12million development that was turned down last year.

An £11million redevelopment of the Belford Golf Club site is proposed.

Public comments are split almost 50/50 between those in favor and those against.

Many objections highlight concerns about how the village’s infrastructure and services might cope, with only one doctor’s office, a small school and a private dentist.

Paula Coogan, of Belford, wrote in objection that “the village cannot support all these new properties”.

Other objections contain an environmental angle, with many concerned about the loss of green space and damage to wildlife.

Fiona Brier, who regularly visits Belford, wrote: “The golf course is green space, why encroach more on our domestic wildlife areas? Red squirrels, deer, hedgehogs, etc. our wildlife is in decline but we continue to remove green spaces.

Many people who oppose the plans doubt those who support them.

William Bennett, who lives in the High Street, wrote: “Have you looked at the addresses of the supporters? There are not many people in our village who support his plans.

However, the comments still show people in the village who are all for (the) Radcliffs’ plans and claim the objections stem from “unfair bias”.

A village resident hoping that the development would regenerate the village, wrote: “The village needs it because most of the businesses and facilities are gone.

Amber Jobes, from Belford, added: “I can only see the proposed changes as a huge benefit to the village, we don’t have a lot of shops or facilities in the village and for my part I would like to see more and see the village grow economically and the outdoor facilities would be an amazing addition.”

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