Police are investigating damage to Nairn Golf Club signs that prohibit cyclists from using a coastal path beside the course or from cycling on the course itself


POLICE is investigating damage to the Nairn Golf Club signs that prohibit cyclists from using a coastal path beside the course or from cycling on the course itself.

The signs were erected in June in response to an upsurge in the number of walkers and cyclists using the route and trails throughout the course during closures.

The club spoke of safety concerns, including the risk of people being hit by golf balls, but the signage received a hostile reception on social media, with some members of the public saying the reviews had no authority and simply calling on people to ignore them.

The club, however, say authorities, including the Highland Council access officer, were consulted before the signs were put up after consultation and that they comply with the Scottish Outdoor Access Code.

Golf club general manager Colin Sinclair said: “One of the signs was removed on September 3 and five more were removed on the 22nd. We reported the matter to the police.

“It’s very disappointing because everything is a matter of public safety and we have a duty of care to our members as well as the public who use the access routes on the course.

“Walkers and cyclists can use the path as long as they don’t get in the way of people playing on the course.

“Cyclists don’t just use the trails, they cycle the course itself and put themselves in danger.

“We have seen a huge increase in the number of people walking and cycling the course since the lockdown began and, with guidance from the Highland Council, have introduced new signage to help people stay safe and know how. avoid interrupting golf while playing.

“Walkers and cyclists have accessed the golf course; interrupting play and, above all, unintentionally exposing yourself to the risk of serious injury. “

And he added: “Golfers and the public have been hit and injured by golf balls in the past in Nairn.

“The number of ‘near misses’ has increased dramatically over the past 12 months and, as a responsible landowner, the Nairn Golf Club is keen to do everything possible to minimize this risk.

“The club promotes the message of informed, safe and responsible access to help raise awareness of the dangers of accessing golf courses.

“The club is aware that cyclists have cycled the course and put themselves at risk of serious injury and the Scottish Outdoor Access Code points out that cyclists are not allowed to cycle across the golf course when it is there are no paths. “

A Police Scotland spokesperson confirmed: “At approximately 4:15 pm on Wednesday 22 September 2021, police were called to report that a number of road signs had been removed or vandalized at the Nairn Golf Course.

“The investigations are continuing. “

The course is ranked 35 out of Scotland’s top 100 courses and regularly attracts famous golfers.

It has hosted the Curtis Cup, Walker Cup and the British Amateur Championships.

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