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The board of directors of the Qualicum Beach Memorial Golf Club objected to the comments made by the board. Robert Filming the course is a “financial burden” on taxpayers.

Filmer made this statement at the last council meeting on October 6, when the council discussed the possibility of purchasing the Eaglecrest Golf Club at the right price.

Filmer pointed out at the time that the QBMGC only benefits a small part of the city and finds it unfair that it is subsidized by the whole community.

The QBMC wrote to the council that the golf club is an asset to the city. He said the club pays the city $ 76,000 in rent as well as an additional $ 50,000 per year to repay a loan from the reserve fund for the construction of his clubhouse.

“These expenses have been honored without fail since our 2008 lease and constitute, I believe, more than the tax revenues of all other courts combined under the jurisdiction of the city,” the letter said.

The club, under volunteer asset management, also highlighted during the summer months, employs 30 full-time and part-time staff in various capacities. A significant portion of its operating budget is spent with city and regional suppliers. It has 310 members and a waiting list.

The club’s main income comes from public dues from non-members of about 54 percent and 40 percent of members. The letter pointed out that many non-members are visitors to the city.

“So, in their own way, every citizen is served by our facility in the same way they are served by other recreational assets in the city, even though not all assets may be used by all citizens,” says the letter. “We all share the character and traditions of the city.

Filmer said he made the comments to let the community know how much taxpayers have paid for the golf course and how it benefits the community as a whole.

“When we start to look at the projects and the things they asked of us, the audience doesn’t know,” Filmer said. “It’s like paving a dirt road to the workshop that isn’t necessary. And things that are needed like the workshop that needs to be demolished and rebuilt. These types of projects come at a huge cost to the city and must be paid for. And it will be very unlikely that the golf course will reimburse us in full for these things. “

Filmer said he wasn’t going to apologize or take back what he said.

Com. Teunis Westbroek said the club’s volunteer board had done a good job in making sure it wasn’t a financial burden on the city. He said it is a golf course that does not cost the city money to maintain.

Westbroek asked a motion board to write a thank you card to the QBMGC board of directors thanking the work they do at the golf course. It was adopted unanimously.

Com. Scott Harrison also brought forward a motion to ask staff to present a long-term report on expenses, revenues and infrastructure costs to provide the public with a better idea of ​​how QBMGC operates financially.

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