Reay Golf Club presents plans for new green space maintenance facility and indoor training area

The Reay Golf Club has drawn up ambitious plans for a new maintenance green incorporating an indoor training area.

A bird’s eye view of the Reay golf course. Photo: Craig Macintosh / Highland Drones

In addition to making improvements to course management, the proposals aim to help Reay capitalize on the growth in golf tourism in the north as well as support the club’s famous youth training program.

The existing storage sheds would be demolished and replaced with “a facility suitable for use”.

The club’s planning request to Highland Council is supported by a supporting statement from local architects Knight & McDonald.

He says the existing greenkeeping provision “falls far short of a reasonable standard” and says the club are keen to back their chief greenkeeper Jason Norwood.

The club also sees an opportunity to support the delivery of its junior golf coaching program which has been recognized as exemplary by the sport’s governing body, Scottish Golf.

“Special credit goes to Evan Sutherland who, ably supported by a considerable number of volunteer members, has tirelessly and freely given of his time over many years to help not only Reay, but other aspiring junior golfers of the Far North. to embark on their path to a life of enjoyment and excellence in golf, ”the statement read.

The project would involve a low-rise, energy-efficient building nestled within the existing contours in Reay. “The visual impact of the building will be further mitigated by creating a naturally contoured mound seen from the golf course and clubhouse,” the statement said, adding that shrubs would be planted nearby.

The indoor training area would be located at the west end of the building, facing the clubhouse and with direct access to the three-hole junior / beginner course.

The statement says the facility, if approved, will bring “an environmental planning benefit to the region.”

This indicates the proximity to the North Coast 500 tourist route and the potential for Reay to benefit from golf tourism. This, he says, “will help the club achieve increased financial profitability and sustainability” while creating potential spinoffs for other tourism-related businesses at the local level.

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