Rental homes can come to Oaks Golf Club

Osceola County currently has over 236 construction projects underway, including commercial, industrial, and residential developments.

One such project that may soon materialize is the Oaks Golf Club development near Poinciana.

What do you want to know

  • Oaks Golf Club has attracted many open space and undeveloped land enthusiasts
  • The Kothari Group, which owns the land, intends to close part of the course and build apartments and townhouses
  • Residents are fighting the plan, citing growing traffic problems and the environment as reasons to keep the community the same

Kothari Groupwhich owns the 134-acre land, has submitted an application to Osceola County for a planned development amendment.

The plan is to convert 6 acres at the north end of the course into 50 single family homes. While in the middle of Oaks Golf Club, 35 acres would include up to 400 one-story homes, ranging from 700 to 1,200 square feet each. The homes would be built for long-term rental, with expected rents averaging $1,900 per month.

Anupam Kothari said he intends to donate some areas of the golf course as recreational space.

“It offers about 45 acres of development and about 85 acres of open space,” he said. fields, race tracks… and which can be transferred to the community on a permanent basis.

Many owners of Oaks Golf Club and the surrounding community are unhappy with the proposal.

Linda and Bill Thies say living in the Oaks is like having an endless vacation, right in their backyard.

“To overlook the pond here, to see the cranes, the storks – it’s like you can see very peaceful and very relaxing,” Linda Thies told Spectrum News.

The Thies retired from New Jersey to live in Florida, but are far from idle. Linda struggles to make sure her sanctuary is no different.

“It really is now my forever home,” she said.

In their little piece of paradise, looking at plans for what could be the foreseeable future, Linda said the proposed development would destroy the vibe of the area and cost her money.

“It’s a travesty – it’s a travesty for every resident who has bought and invested, and I use the word investment because it’s our investment,” she said.

Redevelopment is proposed for 38% of the golf courses in its community.

Linda said she had written to several politicians hoping to stop the development, but said “no one is listening”.

She even organized protests to draw more attention to the planned development.

She showed Spectrum News 13 photos of a group of residents holding signs that read, “Save the Oaks National Golf Club. Say no to the planning board.

Linda said she doesn’t think many people who live in the Oaks are aware of the proposed plans.

Linda said she couldn’t believe that “all of this is going to be built. Everything you see here, in front of us, all of this.”

She even wonders if the neighborhood should drop “golf club” from its name.

Mike Armel, the manager of Oaks National Golf Club, said he intended to close operations in May due to financial difficulties.

Games, wildlife and nature are scenic things that Linda and her husband don’t want to give up.

“And losing all of that, all of that green space, all that beauty that we all bought into,” she said. “And you can see how many houses actually overlook all of that around. The word is devastating, the word is devastating.

Besides wildlife, another concern raised by owners is traffic congestion. Representatives from the Central Florida Expressway argued that with the population growth Osceola is seeing, the roads are not able to keep up.

There are several road projects in the Poinciana area that could help reduce traffic. One of them widens Poinciana Walk two to four lanes.

the Kothari Group organize a virtual meeting with RVi Planning + Landscape Architecture (the planning and design team) with a potential developer, Live EDENto provide residents with development details.

The Oaks Plan virtual residents meeting is April 27 at 6 p.m. Click here for more information.

Osceola County will host an in-person community workshop with the Oaks community on May 12 from 6:30 p.m. to 8 p.m. at Pleasant Hill Elementary School (1801 Jack Calhoun Drive Kissimmee, FL 34741), to discuss this major plan in exam course.

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