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Revelstok residents trade their skis for golf carts as the Revelstoke Golf Club prepares for opening day on Friday, April 29.

General Manager Dean Jackson and the rest of the club are heading into a busy year on the greens as the sport experiences significant growth in the community.

The 2021 season has seen a huge increase in the number of rounds played on the course, both by those who reside here and by visitors.

Late last year, Jackson said 24,000 rounds of golf were played at the course during the 2021 season, compared to an annual average he estimates at around 15,000 rounds.

Of those 24,000, Jackson said 10,000 games were played by tourists and visitors from outside the community.

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With warm weather on the horizon, there are plenty of rounds to be played on the course this season. On May 8, Revelstoke Golf Club is hosting a Community Day, giving locals the chance to play for free after 11 a.m. with a donation to the food bank.

Jackson also added Charles Beneteau as the club’s head professional this year.

Beneteau is a Class A professional with the PGA and has been in the business for 22 years.

Born in Windsor, Ontario, Beneteau started playing golf at the age of 13. His aspirations to become a professional golfer took him to West Vancouver Island, and he eventually turned pro at Pheasant Glen Golf Resort just outside of Nanaimo.

He jumped at the chance to work in Revelstoke and represent the golf club not only for the course, but also for the community. He said he knows how beautiful the area is and has heard of the amazing people in Revelstoke, and now that he’s here he embraces everything the city has to offer.

Mark Hoey putting with a view of Mount Mackenzie in early April. (Review by Josh Piercey/Revelstoke)

According to Beneteau, there are many opportunities to develop the sport of golf in Revelstoke.

“With the new course also coming to town, it will be a destination location and Revelstoke could really thrive throughout the summers,” Beneteau said.

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Beneteau said retaining existing regulars and growing the game with new people in the community is key to the growth of golf in Revelstoke.

The new golf pro said hole 6 of the course was his favorite because of the gorgeous mountain views that complement the rushing river, freshly mowed greens and bunker.

To learn more or book a tee time, visit

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Golf cart at Revelstoke Golf Club. (Review by Josh Piercey/Revelstoke)

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