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Any suggestion that the Mollymook Golf Club course be developed for housing or other residential projects was categorically rejected by management. During the week, social media spoke about the potential redevelopment of the course, which led to the Milton Ulladulla Times being contacted by an affected resident. “I am concerned about the apparent development of the beautiful Mollymook Golf Course,” wrote the resident. “This emblematic course with a fantastic view of the coast [a rare thing these days] appears to be in the early stages of house development. “Where is the community consultation on the loss of this green space? Mollymook Golf Club General Manager John Holt said the development rumor was just that – rumored and totally untrue. The course is undergoing a major upgrade. Mr Holt said the facility was a critical asset never to be developed for something like a housing development. “It cannot be sold unless the members decide to do so,” he added. The work currently taking place on the course is all in the name of golf. “It’s an investment in good golf,” Mr. Holt said. One of the reasons for the upgrade is security. Mr Holt said he wanted to prevent residents of the neighboring neighborhood from being hit by a golf ball while they were mowing their lawns, for example. Information on the club’s website explains that In recent years, the number of incidents involving golf ball hitting people on neighboring properties has increased, particularly along Golf Avenue. In addition, damage to homes, vehicles and other property has increased. Safety concerns for players and employees on the course were also noted. The course is “narrow” and several places are overexposed to the flight path of finicky golf balls. Such issues were identified in 2006. “The Beachside Course presents serious safety issues with the layout of the track needing special attention. The layout of the holes presents many safety problems both inside golfers and outside adjacent public roads. To resolve these safety issues, the entire site needs to be redeveloped, ”said the RW Golf Course Architecture, MGC Concept Control Plan Design Report in December 2006. Work began about seven weeks ago and will last 12 months at a cost of close to a million dollars. “The Beachside Golf Course is a wonderful golf facility and it’s a local landmark that everyone loves, but it’s tired and run down and hasn’t had any money spent in many years,” said Mr Holt said. “This is a significant investment and the first investment in over 10 years of some sort that the club has made and certainly the first investment in the Beachside course in decades.” He said the level of the course would be high and would be a great asset at the end of the process. More details, including weekly updates and photos, are on the club’s website.


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