Sandra Jenns and Janette Mossop of Penguin Golf Club take bronze at Golf Tas Stableford | Avocado


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Penguin Golf Club duo Sandra Jenns and Janette Mossop claimed a thrilling victory in the Golf Tasmania Bronze Stableford. The championship event has returned to the coast, with the one-day tournament hosted at Ulverstone Golf Club. Nearly 60 competitors from across the state followed the course, including teams from six clubs in the Northwest. The coastal duo maintained a one-point lead over Leslie Kellaway and Maryanne Ennis of Scamander River Golf Club, with a combined total of 70 points to claim the victory. Mossop was the best player of the winning pair, bringing in 39 points while Jenns contributed to the victory with 31 points. Kellaway was the North East team’s best player with 40 points, with Ennis adding 29 more points to the team’s total. Riverside Golf Club pair Deb Fox and Karen Hendry rounded out the team’s top three, with Fox holding 35 points and Hendy scoring 38 points. Janice Williams and Kathy Davies were the Northwest’s other best performances – tied for fifth – with a combined total of 61 points. ALSO IN SPORT: Williams was the duo’s top scorer with 31 points while partner Davies added 30 more. The individual title went to Orford Golf Club member Helen Fox, who allowed Stableford 38 points.


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