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SCHENECTADY — Green fees at the Schenectady Municipal Golf Course are set to increase this year, a move necessitated by rising maintenance costs caused by the pandemic.

Under the proposed increase, which is expected to be approved by city council next week, season passes would increase by 50% and green fees for a round of 9 and 18 holes would increase by $3 for residents, including including seniors and veterans, and non-residents. Fees for juniors 17 and under would increase to $15, an increase of $2 from the current fee.

Matt Daley, the course’s chief golf professional, said the proposed increase is the largest in years and will not only offset rising maintenance costs, but also bring the course’s green fees in line with those of the whole region.

“The golf course is currently in high demand and we are just looking to offset our costs and maintenance fees,” he said. “Spending will increase. I know for a fact that supplies on the course — like chemicals, fertilizer, grass seed — all of those things go up 20% to 30%.

The city raised gambling fees by $1 last year, Daley said.

A weekend round of 18 would cost $29 for residents and students on foot or $45 with a cart. Resident seniors and veterans would pay $26 or $42 with a cart under the new pricing structure. Non-residents would pay $37 for 18 holes on weekends, or $53 with a cart. Non-resident seniors and veterans would pay $34 or $50 with a cart.

Season Pass holders, on the other hand, will see a bigger increase.

Residents wishing to purchase a pass this year are expected to pay $1,500, an increase of $500 from last year. Resident seniors and veterans would see an increase of $450, bringing costs to $1,350. Nonresidents would pay $1,950, while nonresident seniors and veterans would pay $1,800, an increase of $650 and $600, respectively.

Daley said he thinks the new fee structure is fair and still a good deal considering all the course has to offer.

“When you compare our rates to other golf courses, I think we’re grossly underpricing what we have,” he said.

At Stadium Golf Club, the competition closest to the municipal course, a weekend round of 18 costs $32 on foot or $52 with a cart, according to the course’s website.

The future of this course is unclear. Scannell Properties, an Indiana-based development company, is seeking to purchase the 120-acre land and build some type of commercial facility on the property. Little is known about the project, but the company has applied for a necessary zoning change to move the project forward.

The city council filed the request earlier this month, citing a lack of information.

At Colonie City Golf Course, a round of 18 costs $30 for residents (or $35 with a cart) with a license and $41 for non-residents, according to the course’s website.

A round of 18 at Capital Hills in Albany currently costs $32 for residents and $41 for non-residents, according to rates posted on the course’s website. A cart costs $18 more.

In addition to the increased fee, the city is looking to do maintenance work on the course later this year and has identified a dozen overgrown or dead trees that need to be removed.

The Development and Planning Committee has put forward a proposal that would use up to $35,000 to remove the trees.

The measure, along with the proposed fee increase, will be voted on by the full council next week.

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