SunLive – Mount Maunganui Golf Club’s “handyman”

Brian Jopson is considered the ‘everything man’ at Mount Maunganui Golf Club, and it’s easy to see why if you were to follow his moves during Christies Floorings Mount Open week.

Jopson, the club’s former general manager, leads the volunteers during the week of the tournament. However, there’s not much he hasn’t done at the club since joining in 2001.

He ran the show for just under 14 years. During this time he has dealt with changes to the handicap system, clubhouse developments and everything that comes with being a general manager. After a brief spell away, he returned in 2017 and couldn’t walk away from Mt Maunganui Golf Club as the place holds a special place in his heart.

The club’s future veterans chairman couldn’t have agreed quickly enough when the club’s current chief executive, Michael Williams, asked him to help out with the tournament.

The ten handicapper takes his job seriously and the volunteers run like clockwork all week.

He says it’s easy to do at a club like Mt Maunganui.

“I retired as general manager of the club in 2014 and went to Gisborne for a few years and eventually moved back to the bay. When I joined the club Mike asked me if I could helping him with the Charles Tour event, which I was more than happy to do. My job is to lead and coordinate all the volunteers, and we have a great group of people. I have no problem with pick up the phone and give them a job.

“I love working with all of them, and it’s a great group of people.”

He organizes a group of 30 volunteers throughout the week. From starters, live scorers for every third hole, and scorecard return, Jopson has his fingers in plenty of cookie jars.

Current Mt Maunganui general manager Williams says Jopson always goes above and beyond and is the perfect person for the job.

“When we first held a Jennian Homes Charles Tour event here, I approached Brian and asked if he wanted to be involved, and he couldn’t have said yes any quicker. He and I get along very well. I know what he was doing, he knows what I’m doing now because he’s played that role before.

“Brian is the type of guy that nothing is ever a problem for him. He is independent and takes care of everything. He knows a lot of members because he is still active in the club. It was really cool to have his ongoing support, has excellent relationships with members and is the perfect man to lead the tournament volunteers.

Jopson’s contributions to the club stem from an undying love of golf and the club to which he belongs. He loves Mt Maunganui Golf Club so much that his wife says the only thing missing from the club premises is his bed.

“I love the people, the camaraderie, telling a few stories about the course and the competitive nature of it. It’s the perfect sport for all of that, and every day is different.

“I have a weakness for the mount. I’ve worked here, and I’m a member here, it’s like home. I like the game, the course and the club. It’s a dynamic place. »

He is also a practical golfer, playing with a handicap of ten. Few can say they pulled their age, a feat he achieved just weeks ago, pulling 76.

– Jason Gulasekharam/Golf New Zealand.

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