The Appalachian mini golf will soon open its doors at the Morgantown shopping center

MORGANTOWN, W.Va. – A new, veteran-owned business is coming soon to Morgantown Mall called Appalachian Mini Golf.

The 18-hole indoor course, whose themes will change with each season, will officially open next week. Marines Jamie Summerlin and John Tokarz own the place and say they are excited to bring fun for all ages to the area. Over the weekend, they had a smooth opening and invited their friends and family to come try it out before their grand opening.

“(We) wanted to get feedback on the new facility and see the response,” Summerlin said. “Everyone who went through had a great time, there was great constructive criticism people had so that we could take and tweak some things that we needed. But overall it was a great experience. yesterday a few people came in today to take a look at some of the changes we’ve made based on yesterday’s feedback.

Summerlin playing mini golf

Summerlin said when their doors officially open, all COVID-19 guidelines will be followed to keep customers and employees safe. He said masks will be needed and there will be limited capacity for social distancing to be enforced.

Appalachian Mini Golf is in association with Appalachian Ax Co., which is owned by Tokarz. In fact, the latter is located a few stores away from the mall and the co-owners have said they are hopeful the two places could be a source of entertainment for locals.

To find out more about the inauguration date and everything going on at Appalachian Mini Golf, you can visit their Facebook page Where websiteSummerlin said.

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