Trolls Golf Club: The future of golf is now

All true golfers love a real challenge, and there’s nothing more challenging or prestigious than playing on the nation’s greatest courses. Unfortunately, most of these courses only offer public tee times once in a blue moon, or only after buying subscriptions whose starting prices could also be used to buy you a new car from sport.

For the golfer who enjoys playing on the best courses in the country, has a passion for generating passive income and is interested in the world of NFTs (non-fungible tokens), the next evolution in sports technology is here at Trolls Golf Club .

What is that?

The Trolls Golf Club is a new iteration of the NFT with a sporty twist. Starting in Fall 2022, investors can purchase a limited number of Golf Troll NFTs that contain exclusive tee times at some of the most prestigious golf courses in the United States. The NFT is the brainchild of founder and Chief Troll Officer (CTO) Josh Bricker, who was able to play a number of exclusive courses as a teenage golf caddy, only to find those same courses largely closed for access. to the average golf enthusiast. The Golf Trolls NFT will have a limited supply of 2,500 tokens for sale in the United States. Not only do they provide access to legendary golf courses across the country, but they can be rented or loaned to others for a fee, allowing their owners to bring in passive income while other golf enthusiasts golf exchange funds for the right to use the QR of the NFT. code to enjoy a round of golf on courses most players only dream of.

Own an NFT

Owning an NFT is like owning any valuable item, physical or digital. You receive proof of purchase and from there you decide what to do with it. Some owners will keep their Golf Trolls and see them increase in value; some will trade with other Trolls Golf Club members on equal terms, and others will sell them to friends, family and an entire internet community and turn their one-time investment into a long-term source of income. However, NFTs won’t just be about golf tee times. Trolls Golf Club will create and distribute merchandise including golf hats, golf shirts, custom golf bags, coaching lessons and unique golf travel experiences in coordination with its travel partner, DareToGo.

And after?

In the fall of 2022, the Golf Trolls NFT will be minted and offered for sale at a price to be determined in US Dollars or Ethereum (ETH) using the Troll Leasing Marketplace. There are five tiers of rarity-based NFTs that will be included in the initial mint of 2,500 tokens. These levels are:

  • Championship Tees: Bonus Perks and Legendary Trolls
  • Cheats: High Level Trolls
  • Blue T-Shirts: Unique Trolls
  • White Tees: Standard Trolls
  • Red T-shirts: Basic Trolls

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