Waiguru calls on investors to participate in the creation of a golf course


Governor Anne Waiguru called on professionals and investors in Kirinyaga to consider investing in the creation of the proposed golf course in the county.

Speaking at the annual Kirinyaga (Abai) County -2021 Golf Day held on Saturday at the Thika Greens Golf Resort in Murang’a County, the governor said the time for Kirinyaga to have a golf course has come because there are suitable and available courses set aside. for.

Waiguru called the tournament, which was jointly sponsored by the Kirinyaga County Government, Kirinyaga County Golfers and the Kirinyaga Rotary Club, among others, a huge success having attracted 250 professional golfers and over 100 other stakeholders. interested in investing in the project.

She said the event was also an opportunity for the county government to publicize the proposed golf course project among other projects and programs that the county government has implemented towards the realization of the plan. The Mountain Cities 2032 County Development Plan, which is being implemented by various departments.

The proposed golf course is expected to be established on the 250-acre Thigirici land which will also house a sports academy, gymnasium, tennis court, swimming pool, conference rooms as well as an industrial park. The land, which is located in Sagana, was returned to the county after a lengthy legal battle between the county government and a private developer who had been illegally allocated the land.

The governor noted that the land, which is adjacent to the train station, is suitable for a golf course as it has favorable hilly terrain, is close to the Sagana River and is easily accessible via the next Kenol-Makutano- Sagana-Marua. pavement.

She stressed that golf and other sports activities as well as other establishments in the territory will lead to the socio-economic development of the county and will also lead to the appreciation of the land value in the region, for the benefit of the inhabitants.

“The golf course is an important development milestone as it will be the first in the county and therefore will be very marketable,” said the governor, adding that all neighboring counties have golf courses except Kirinyaga, which is now catching up.

During the event, the Governor appealed to the population of Kirinyaga to support the project through professional expertise as well as financial and material contributions. She noted that the golf course will be managed by a council made up of elected officers and members of the county public, with the county government being the boss.

The governor said that through her people-centered government, she has led programs and projects that will have a lasting impact on present and future generations.

She listed many programs and projects that her government has carried out in various development sectors over the past four years. The largest of its heritage projects is the Kerugoya Hospital Medical Complex, which will upgrade Kerugoya Hospital from a level four to a level five hospital, offering high-end medical services for which residents are currently referred to other hospitals.

The 342-bed capacity hospital which is in its final stages of completion will include an intensive care unit, an intensive care unit, a cancer center, a major burn unit and surgical departments, among others. amenities.

Governor Waiguru also presented other projects such as markets, cabro urban development projects and the “Wezesha Kirinyaga” program in which more than 300 farmer groups have been funded to undertake various agricultural value chain projects aiming to increase household income among farmers.

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