White Eagle Golf Club has big plans for 2022

The White Eagle Golf Club in Naperville has big plans for the future, including $12.5 million in upgrades for the rest of the decade. Much of this investment will go toward making White Eagle Golf Club a year-round facility, including an upgraded and expanded clubhouse.

The club will host some of the nation’s top college golfers from April 29 through May 1 at the 2022 Mid-American Conference Golf Championship. The event will be hosted by Northern Illinois University.

“White Eagle is delighted to have been selected to host the MAC Men’s Golf Championship in 2022,” said Curtis Malm, General Manager of White Eagle Golf Club. “Northern Illinois University approached White Eagle in the spring and without hesitation, members were thrilled to see some of the best college golfers in the nation put their skills to the test on our golf course. White Eagle members are proud to be an important part of the local community and hosting the MAC will be another feather in our cap as we continue to be at the forefront of giving back to wonderful organizations like than the MAC. We wish all MAC teams much success this varsity season and look forward to seeing you all in the spring of 2022 at White Eagle Golf Club.

Additionally, White Eagle will also host the 2022 Illinois Open Championship from August 2-4. The State Golf Championship is a three-day, 54-hole championship to determine the best player in the state of Illinois. Wheaton’s Tee-K Kelly won the 2021 Illinois Open Championship at Stonebridge Country Club. Kelly, who led at the end of all three rounds, posted a final round of 4 under par 68 for a tournament total of 17 under par 199. Kelly tied the 54-hole Illinois Open score at par (Carlos Sainz, Jr. 2016), and recorded the second-lowest 54-hole score at the Illinois Open (David Cooke, 2015).

In 2019, based in Marengo Lohmann Quitno Golf Course Architects completed the renovation of a 27-hole bunker at White Eagle Golf Club. Prior to the renovation, the bunkers were difficult for staff to maintain and had been contaminated from years of washing and storm damage.

Between May and October 2019, Quitno oversaw a renovation that more than halved the bunker areas on 27 holes to less than 80,000 square feet, and outfitted them with Better Billy Bunker liner and Pro/Angle sand . “The club wanted a clean, flashy look from the bunkering,” said Todd Quitno. “The bunkers were dug immediately at the edge of the green collars and the edges of the fairway. We’ve added rolling outlines in the bottoms and faces of the bunkers to give them some character and to provide distinct shadow when the sun’s angles are right.

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In areas where bunkers have been removed bentgrass has been added to enlarge fairway landing areas and create roll and roll characteristics around the greens. “We have allocated a lot of the maintenance labor that was previously used on the bunkers to look after the extensive areas of bentgrass that have been developed around the greens and along the edges of the bunkers,” Quitno said. .

Originally designed by the Arnold Palmer Design Group, White Eagle Golf Club offers three nine-hole courses. Holes 1 to 9 are called the red course and holes 10 to 18 are the white course. Holes 19 to 27 were developed at a later date and are called the blue course.

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