Winchester Golf Club raises money for the Simon Says charity which helps bereaved young people

A WINCHESTER golf club has been praised for its generous donation to a bereaved children’s charity.

South Winchester Golf Club has been recognized for their support, having raised £13,081 for Hampshire charity Simon Says.

The Romsey-based charity was founded 21 years ago by Sally Stanley, whose aim was to create a small support network for young people in Hampshire, who have experienced the death of a parent or someone important in their lives after the death of her husband. .

As she searched for the right support for her two young children, Sally ran out of options and created the Simon Says to ensure other parents would not find themselves in the same position.

Chief Operating Officer, Chandra McGowan, said: “We have 250 volunteers who are passionate about the charity, mostly because they were bereaved as children, and now they are coming back to support the next generation of children.

“The support has been amazing. There are so many lovely people showing their support and I think it’s a hidden thing that we don’t talk about but when we open up the conversation they bring up how connected they are. ”

Today the charity runs a helpline, support groups, activity days and provides advice and materials to schools. There is no government funding, so the generosity of the golf club and others like them ensures this vital service is there for families in times of distress.

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Women’s captain Sue Gibbs said: “When I worked at a local primary school, one of my roles was as a pastoral support worker. One of the most difficult issues for children to deal with was What do you say to five-year-olds whose mother has passed away and says, “I like to talk to you about mum, Mrs. Gibbs, because dad always cries when I mention his name?”

“Simon Says has helped me and many other practitioners to support these children through their most difficult times. Their help has been invaluable, not only to us children, but also to the remaining parent and other members. of the family.

“Unfortunately fundraising for ‘Simon Says’ has been curtailed as most of our activities for our year have been canceled due to Covid. However, during the few months our golf course has been open, members have supported our charity in every way possible.In particular, one of our female members, Vicki Dunlop, lifted a lot of our figure by doing a tandem skydive, which was completely out of her zone of comfort.”

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