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I was shocked to read in the Sunday March 27 Omaha newspaper that planners from the Omaha Chamber of Commerce suggested that the Dodge Riverside Golf Club be demolished and redeveloped. Because this property has the best downtown Omaha skyline views!

Residents of Council Bluffs were probably also shocked as this course is very popular and the news came as a surprise.

I’m confused because I didn’t know the OMAHA Chamber of Commerce could dictate what CB does.

I feel for the Bluffs because I realize these decisions about downtown Omaha are being made behind closed doors. I hope the folks at Council Bluffs will share their feelings because I love playing Dodge Riverside.

But if things across the river go our way, public outcry won’t get very far when developers get involved.

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Eminent domain abuse does not serve Iowans

I was in the Iowa capital (Tuesday) with gubernatorial candidate Rick Stewart listening to landowners and a few lawmakers talk about eminent domain being used for private projects.

I am proud to say that Rick Stewart defends the property rights of these owners. I won’t mince my words. Any elected official or candidate for office who listens to these Iowans on Capitol Hill today about abuse of eminent domain and sides with the abuse, is unfit to serve Iowans. If they allow these abuses to pass, they clearly don’t care about their citizens, basic property rights or the bill of rights.

Tech investments move Iowa forward

The tech industry is ushering in a new era across America, bringing investments that strengthen the workforce and providing opportunities to communities that might never have dreamed of a such mobility.

A shining example of that comes right here in Iowa, where Council Bluffs will see the implementation of a new program aimed at bringing career opportunities to underserved communities. This initiative will engage individuals in new uses of technology, which will help make the community both stronger and more successful.

The CB Tech Career Accelerator Program aims to launch underserved populations into new careers in the tech industry, especially those in the Latino community. Through coordination between the AIM Institute and Centro Latino, we are diving into the Council Bluffs community to seek out those who wish to take advantage of this incredible opportunity.

At Council Bluffs, we are especially grateful to have a direct investment from Google that gives us even greater ability to undertake recruitment efforts to introduce the program to area Iowans. One of the biggest outreach challenges for this program is that community members often express interest but worry about language barriers that might prevent them from advancing in the industry. With additional funding from Google, we will be able to offer ESL lessons to members below an eighth grade English reading level, equipping them with the language skills needed to effectively communicate more business concepts. complex.

My personal experience as a former undocumented immigrant gives me even more insight into why these programs are invaluable. I had no interaction with coding or technology until I got to college, where I had access to technology I had never seen before. I taught myself to code. And two years after achieving DACA status in 2012, I joined AIM to give others the chance to experience the wonders of technology. Only if we invest today in generations below us can we have an impact on future generations, providing everyone with a better future.

The tech industry is creating significant growth here in Iowa and across the country, through programs such as the CB Tech Career Accelerator Program. It is imperative that our representatives support these initiatives. We should all do our part to create better opportunities for our friends and family.

You had to look closely, but the roles of Paul Herman’s characters were unmistakable. I will associate him with the films of Martin Scorsese, and I am deeply saddened to learn of his passing on his 76th birthday.

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